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# Logs
# Diagnostic reports (
$supports-first-class-calc: calc(1) == 1;
@function divide-portable($number1, $number2) {
@if $supports-first-class-calc {
@return calc($number1 / $number2);
} @else {
@return $number1 / $number2;
// Copyright 2022 Google Inc. Use of this source code is governed by an
// MIT-style license that can be found at
import 'dart:typed_data';
import 'package:rational/rational.dart';
import 'package:tuple/tuple.dart';
// Matrix values from
// Copyright 2022 Google Inc. Use of this source code is governed by an
// MIT-style license that can be found at
import 'dart:typed_data';
import 'package:rational/rational.dart';
// Matrix values from
final d65 = chromaToXyz(Rational.parse('0.3127'), Rational.parse('0.3290'));
1. Copy the HTML below into a Copost.
2. Search for "[[[" and replace the bracketed sections with your review's info.
3. If you're a Backloggd backer, uncomment the BACKER badge below. Don't lie!
4. Optionally, uncomment the IGDB background image section. This is kind of a
pain to access, so feel free to ignore it if you don't want the image.
5. Check the preview and make sure everything looks right.
6. Post!

How to Practice Malenia's Waterfowl Dance

This document describes how to hack Malenia's AI to make her spam Waterfowl Dance over and over again while dealing you no damage, so that Elden Ring players can practice dodging this notorious attack without needing to restart the fight and push her to 65% damage every single time. It took me many days of diligent searching to uncover this information, so I want to write it out all in one place to help future sickos in their quest for Malenia practice.

  1. Have Elden Ring on PC. Unfortunately, this will not work on other platforms.
  2. Download the latest release of the Elden Ring Practice Tool from this page, and extract it anywhere you like.
  3. Open %APPDATA%\EldenRing in Explorer.
    1. You should see a directory with a bunch of numbers in here--that's your Elden Ring save file.
  4. Copy and paste it with " (Backup)" after the name. This

Fextralife Crafting Material Style Guide

This style guide documents the style I've been using for crafting materials pages on the Fextralife wiki, such as Aeonian Butterfly. It's not meant to be authoritative so much as descriptive, although ideally any deviations from this style should be applied consistently to all crafting material pages.

I've gradually standardized more and more elements of the page as I've gone through the crafting materials, so some of the earlier ones (alphabetically) don't fully follow the style guide. I hope to circle back and fix them up once I finish my initial pass.

This style guide focuses specifically on the "Where to find XYZ in Elden Ring" section, since the rest of the pages tend to be in pretty good shape already.


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Healing Consumables, spells Estus, miracles, consumables (limited) Estus, miracles, consumables Estus, miracles, consumables (limited) Consumables, ripostes (unlockable), spell (choir bell) Estus (gourd), consumables, ripostes (unlockable) Estus (vial), incantations, consumables, ripostes (unlockable)
Improving Spend humanity at bonfire to increase number of estus vials it provides, consumable increases strength Consumables ncrease estus number/strength Consumables increase estus number/strength Equip increases consumable strength Consumable increases estus number, leveling increases strength Consumable increases estus number/strength
Humanity Human form vs soul form Human form vs hollow Human form vs hollow (scaling) Enkindled vs Unkind