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nickboldt /
Created June 12, 2024 19:03
log in to cluster and authorize pulling containers from quay and RHEC
# secrets
# login to
nickboldt / what-have-i-done-for-backstage-lately.txt
Last active June 11, 2024 21:46
backstage contribs for committership
nickboldt /
Last active June 3, 2024 21:22
for status in queued in_progress; do
for num in $(gh run list -s "$status" -u renovate --json databaseId | \
jq '.[]' | grep databaseId | sed -r -e "s/.+databaseId\": (.+)/\1/"); do
gh run cancel $num;
nickboldt / dynamic-plugins.configmap.yaml
Last active May 15, 2024 20:30
enable quay plugin, disable guest login resitrctions (unsafe)
dynamic-plugins.yaml: |
- dynamic-plugins.default.yaml
- package: ./dynamic-plugins/dist/janus-idp-backstage-plugin-quay
disabled: false
@janus-idp/backstage-plugin-rbac:test: Summary of all failing tests
@janus-idp/backstage-plugin-rbac:test: FAIL components/RolesList/DeleteRoleDialog.test.tsx (17.47 s)
@janus-idp/backstage-plugin-rbac:test: ● DeleteRoleDialog › enables the delete button when the role name is correctly entered
@janus-idp/backstage-plugin-rbac:test: expect(element).not.toBeDisabled()
@janus-idp/backstage-plugin-rbac:test: Received element is disabled:
@janus-idp/backstage-plugin-rbac:test: <button class="MuiButtonBase-root MuiButton-root MuiButton-contained Mui-disabled Mui-disabled" disabled="" tabindex="-1" type="button" />
@janus-idp/backstage-plugin-rbac:test: Ignored nodes: comments, script, style
nickboldt / README.dynamic-plugin-metadata.adoc
Last active May 3, 2024 14:59

Package.json dynamic plugin metadata

To make it easier to categorize dynamic plugins, this is a proposal to add some standardized keywords, a new supported-versions field to the backstage field, and to encourage use of several standard package.json fields.

For example:

  "name": "@janus-idp/backstage-plugin-myplugin",
  "version": "0.7.2",
nickboldt / plugin versions in janus plugins repo 1.1.x branch
Last active March 26, 2024 19:50
plugin versions in janus plugins repo 1.1.x branch vs. showcase 1.1.x branch
3scale-backend 1.4.4
aap-backend 1.5.2
acr 1.2.25
analytics-module-matomo 1.0.3
analytics-provider-segment 1.2.8
dynamic-frontend-plugin 0.0.1
dynamic-plugins-info 1.0.2
feedback 1.0.1
feedback-backend 1.1.1
jfrog-artifactory 1.2.25
nickboldt / helm-values-testing.yaml
Last active February 7, 2024 20:24
install helm chart
# -- Array of YAML files listing dynamic plugins to include with those listed in the `plugins` field.
# Relative paths are resolved from the working directory of the initContainer that will install the plugins (`/opt/app-root/src`).
# -- List of dynamic plugins included inside the `janus-idp/backstage-showcase` container image, some of which are disabled by default.
# This file ONLY works with the `janus-idp/backstage-showcase` container image.
- 'dynamic-plugins.default.yaml'
# -- List of dynamic plugins, possibly overriding the plugins listed in `includes` files.
nickboldt /
Last active January 24, 2024 03:57
faster git checkout options
# for large repos or repos with binary blobs in them, this is much faster
# under 2 seconds
# remote: Counting objects: 100% (4/4), done.
# Copyright (c) 2024 Red Hat, Inc.
# This program and the accompanying materials are made
# available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License 2.0
# which is available at
# SPDX-License-Identifier: EPL-2.0
# for changes to midstream or missed changes upstream (due to pipeline failure),