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Nicolas Orcali norcali

  • Buenos Aires
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def set_full_name
wed = self
wed.full_name = self.couple.full_name
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unsigned long *, src,
unsigned long *, dst,
unsigned long, len)
unsigned long buf[64]; /* Buffer for chunks */
unsigned long lenleft = len; /* Remaining size */
unsigned long chunklen = sizeof(buf); /* Initial chunk length */
/* Loop handling chunk sizes */
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- (Twitter::User) user(user, options = {})
Returns extended information for a given user
Return extended information for @sferik
Twitter.user(7505382) # Same as above
user (Integer, String, Twitter::User) — A Twitter user ID, screen name, or object.
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[:!, :!=, :!~, :<, :<=, :<=>, :==, :===, :=~, :>, :>=, :__id__, :__send__, :allocate, :ancestors, :autoload, :autoload?, :class, :class_eval, :class_exec, :class_variable_defined?, :class_variable_get, :class_variable_set, :class_variables, :clone, :const_defined?, :const_get, :const_missing, :const_set, :constants, :define_singleton_method, :display, :dup, :enum_for, :eql?, :equal?, :extend, :freeze, :frozen?, :hash, :include?, :included_modules, :initialize_clone, :initialize_dup, :inspect, :instance_eval, :instance_exec, :instance_method, :instance_methods, :instance_of?, :instance_variable_defined?, :instance_variable_get, :instance_variable_set, :instance_variables, :is_a?, :kind_of?, :method, :method_defined?, :methods, :module_eval, :module_exec, :name, :new, :nil?, :object_id, :private_class_method, :private_constant, :private_instance_methods, :private_method_defined?, :private_methods, :protected_instance_methods, :protected_method_defined?, :protected_methods, :public_class_method, :public_constant
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"nombre"=>"Nicolas Orcali",
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<input id="site_user_id_orcalinicolasgmailcom" name="site[user_id]" type="radio" value="" />
<label for=""></label>
<input id="site_user_id_lordgamuzagmailcom" name="site[user_id]" type="radio" value="" />
<label for=""></label>
<input id="site_user_id_orcalinicolasinfobaecom" name="site[user_id]" type="radio" value=""/>
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color = 0
j = 1
Sites.all.each do |site|
2.times do
i = 0
post = site.posts.reverse[i]
if nada
elsif color.modulo(2) == 0
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describe "#statuses" do
it "returns an array of Tweets" do
statuses = => [{:id => 25938088801, :text => 'tweet!'}]).statuses
expect(statuses).to be_an Array
expect(statuses.first).to be_a Twitter::Tweet
it "returns an array of Tweets" do
statuses ="Twitter").statuses
expect(statuses).to be_an Array
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<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
$.getJSON("provincias.json", function(data) {
//var json = $.parseJSON(data);
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"Buenos Aires": {
"default": "SABE",
"Avellaneda": "AGAD",
"Azul": "SAZA",
"Bahia Blanca": "SAZB",
"Ezeiza": "SAEZ2",
"Comodoro Rivadavia": "AG0198",
"Coronel Suarez": "SACS",
"General San Martin": "BUEX",
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