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orkoden / find and replace incorrectly escaped characters for a localized
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Incorrectly escaped string in my localized strings files: \\"%@\\" should have been \"%@\" as it should display as "foo".
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find Resources/Localizable.strings -name "*.strings" -type f -exec gsed -i 's/\\\\\"%@\\\\\"/\\\"%@\\\"/g' {} ";" -exec plutil -lint {} ";"
# needs gnu-sed to be installed for -i parameter
orkoden / allthecows.rb
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Get all the cows cowsay has to offer to say a random quote
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Dir.foreach("/usr/local/Cellar/cowsay/3.03/share/cows") {|cow| puts cow; system "fortune | cowsay -f /usr/local/Cellar/cowsay/3.03/share/cows/#{cow}" }
orkoden / FizzBuzz in Haskell.hs
Last active Aug 29, 2015
FizzBuzz in Haskell that I live coded as part of a demo for hackership
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data Fizzbuzz = FizzBuzz
| Fizz
| Buzz
deriving Show
fizzbuzz :: [Integer] -> String
fizzbuzz x = unlines (map fizzbuzzline x)
fizzbuzzline :: Integer -> String
fizzbuzzline x = fizzBuzzToString x (fizzBuzzFromNum x)
orkoden / lettermix.rb
Created Mar 3, 2015
Lettermix randomizes the letters in words, that are passed as arguments.
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
ARGV.each do|a|
puts "#{a}".split("").shuffle.join
orkoden / FizzBuzzWithoutIfAndModulo.m
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Fizzbuzz in Objective-C that works without if, modulo, lookup table
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#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
NSMutableArray* fizzbuzzreplace(NSMutableArray* numberArray, NSUInteger divider, NSString* replacementString)
for (NSUInteger i = divider; i < numberArray.count + 1; i = i + divider) {
[numberArray replaceObjectAtIndex:i - 1 withObject:replacementString];
return numberArray;
orkoden /
Last active Dec 17, 2015
A little script to update all currently installed programs with homebrew. Also removes old versions.
echo "searching for updates..."
brewoutput=`brew update`
if [ "$brewoutput" == "Already up-to-date." ]
echo "nothing to update"
echo "updating..."
brewoutput=`brew upgrade --all`
if [[ "$brewoutput" == *".app bundles were installed."* ]]
orkoden /
Last active Dec 21, 2015
easy release notes with git.gets all commit messages since the last tag. useful when preparing release notes.cut is there to get rid of the commit hashes, sort is there because then all commits starting with "fix: bug 9001" or "change: will be next to each other.put into .bashrc, .profile, .zshrc depending on your shell.only works if you tag you…
# replace mate with editor of your choice
alias releasenotes="git log --oneline --no-merges `git describe --abbrev=0 --tags`..HEAD | cut -c 9- | sort | mate"
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# StackView Tips
## Performance hack
### Old hack
Use a UITableViewCell's contentview. The layout will not bubble up from here. Keeps all layout restriced to that view.
Then set frame of cell.
orkoden / karabiner.json.microsoftsculpt
Created Feb 9, 2017
Karabiner elements configuration file for using a Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop keyboard with ISO-UK layout on macOS with US layout.
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"global": {
"check_for_updates_on_startup": true,
"show_in_menu_bar": true
"profiles": [
"devices": [
"disable_built_in_keyboard_if_exists": false,
View reallyCleanXcode.rb
# run with
# ruby reallyCleanXcode.rb
derivedDataFolder = Dir.glob(Dir.home + "/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/*")
moduleCache = Dir.glob("/var/folders/**/*")
FileUtils.rm_rf derivedDataFolder + moduleCache