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making stuff

Vadim Goncharov owldesign

making stuff
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dev_mode = true;
var log;log=function(e){var t,n,r,i,s,o,u,a;if(dev_mode){try{invalidfunctionthrowanerrorplease()}catch(f){i=f;a=i.stack}s=a.split("\n");o=0;while(o<s.length){s[o]=s[o].replace(/\s+/g," ");++o}t=s[1];n=t.split("@");t=false;u=false;if(n.length===1){n=s[2].split("(");t=false;if(n.length>1){t=n[0].replace("at Object.","");u=n[1].split(":");u=u[2]}else{n[0]=n[0].replace("at ","");n=n[0].split(":");t=n[0]+n[1];u=n[2]}}else{r=n[1].split(":");u=r.pop();n[1]=r.join(":");t=n[0]===""?n[1]:n[0]}console.log(" ");console.warn("%cConsole log: "+t+" (line "+u+")",["display: block","background: #00a9c7","color: white","padding: 10px","text-align: left","font-weight: normal","font-size: 14px","line-height: 35px"].join(";"));console.log(e);console.log({"Full trace:":s});return console.log(" ")}};
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{% extends "_layouts/cp" %}
{% set selectedTab = "fields" %}
{% import "_includes/forms" as forms %}
{% if field is not defined and fieldId is defined %}
{% set field = craft.fields.getFieldById(fieldId) %}
{% if not field %}
{% exit 404 %}
owldesign / gist:dab355a633310d25cd4f
Created Nov 6, 2014
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namespace Craft;
class FormBuilder_FieldsController extends BaseController
protected $allowAnonymous = true;
owldesign / gist:79bda5f668533ca4c435
Last active Aug 29, 2015
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namespace Craft;
class FormBuilder_FieldModel extends BaseComponentModel
// Properties
private $_fieldType;
// Public Methods
public function __toString()
owldesign / gist:6e92e67364e762d68253
Created Nov 6, 2014
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namespace Craft;
class FormBuilder_FieldRecord extends BaseRecord
protected $reservedHandleWords = array(
owldesign / gist:545ac8eeb2d8450492a9
Created Nov 6, 2014
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namespace Craft;
class FormBuilder_FieldsService extends BaseApplicationComponent
public $oldFieldColumnPrefix = 'field_';
private $_fieldsById;
private $_allFieldsInContext;
private $_fieldsByContextAndHandle;
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Folder Structure:
Plugin File -
Template File -
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namespace Craft;
class FormBuilderPlugin extends BasePlugin
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function wp_api_encode_acf($data,$post,$context){
$data['meta'] = array_merge($data['meta'],get_fields($post['ID']));
return $data;
if( function_exists('get_fields') ){
add_filter('json_prepare_post', 'wp_api_encode_acf', 10, 3);
View backbone-app-tutorial.html
Web Application with Backbone: BEGINNER TUTORIAL
Backbone.js is a very popular and light(weight) JavaScript library
for building Web Applications.
However, learning it I found frustratingly few simple examples of
true workable applications with all lines of code explained.
Here is my attempt to hack the popular Jerome Gravel-Niquet's Backbone Todo App