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Trying to figure out how to look up comments I've left

Pat Maddox patmaddox

Trying to figure out how to look up comments I've left
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something = case option_type
when OptionType then "do this"
when String then "do this thing"
else "how about this"
something = if option_type.class == OptionType
"do this"
elsif option_type.class == String
"do this thing"
View retrieve_keys
[1] pry(main)> hash = {a: 1, b: 2, c: 3}
=> {:a=>1, :b=>2, :c=>3}
[2] pry(main)> class Hash
[2] pry(main)* def retrieve_keys(*keys)
[2] pry(main)* self.reduce({}) { |h, (k, v)|
[2] pry(main)* keys.include?(k) ? h.merge!({k => v}) : h
[2] pry(main)* }
[2] pry(main)* end
[2] pry(main)* end
=> nil
patmaddox / gist:9100174
Created Feb 19, 2014
how to stop twitter from spamming your iPhone
View gist:9100174
Hi, your instructions kind of suck but I figured it out. Here's how to actually do it:
From the iOS app...
1) Go to the Me tab, tap the gear icon, then click settings
2) Tap on the account name to open the notifications settings for that account (critical missing piece of info)
3) Disable "Recommendations" "news" and "other"
patmaddox / environments_production.rb
Last active Aug 29, 2015
View environments_production.rb
default_attributes chef_user: "ubuntu"
default_attributes { ... a whole mess of other stuff which apparently blows away the first line. whoops }
View gist:1a7628aa78d27e5c83eb
pat-jukely:active_rest_client pat$ pwd
pat-jukely:active_rest_client pat$ bundle install
OH HAI! I am /Users/pat/code/opensource/active_rest_client/Gemfile
OH HAI! I am /Users/pat/code/opensource/active_rest_client/Gemfile
Resolving dependencies...
Your bundle is complete!
It was installed into ./vendor/bundle
OH HAI! I am /Users/pat/code/opensource/active_rest_client/Gemfile
patmaddox / exercise_2c_objects_spec.rb
Created Aug 7, 2014
rubysteps 008 - tdd - approval tests snippet
View exercise_2c_objects_spec.rb
require 'approvals/rspec'
def output_methods(target, methods)
methods.inject([]) do |results, m|
results << %("#{target}".#{m} => #{target.send(m)})
describe "Ruby standard library" do
it "has a useful String class" do
patmaddox / rubysteps.rb
Created Aug 8, 2014
RubySteps 009 - OOP - Easty OOP (excerpt)
View rubysteps.rb
class StarWrapper
def initialize(stream)
@stream = stream
def puts(string)
print_header_line string
@stream.print "* "
@stream.print string
@stream.puts " *"
patmaddox / exercise_1a_legacy_1_spec.rb
Created Aug 9, 2014
RubySteps Lesson 010 - Refactoring - Legacy Code - excerpt
View exercise_1a_legacy_1_spec.rb
require 'rspec'
class Order
def initialize(customer_name)
@customer_name = customer_name
@items = []
def purchase(name, quantity, price)
@items << {name: name, quantity: quantity, price: price}
patmaddox / authorized_controller.rb
Created Aug 13, 2014
RubySteps 012 - Rails - Mini frameworks snippet
View authorized_controller.rb
module AuthorizedController
# ... full code in the paid lesson
def show
resource = resource_by_id
if resource.viewable_by?(current_user)
render json: resource
render text: 'Unauthorized', status: :unauthorized
patmaddox / gist:f22617685ccce1053951
Last active Aug 29, 2015
question about gemfury
View gist:f22617685ccce1053951
Hi, I haven't used Gemfury at all (yet) and I've only briefly clicked around...
I hope you don't mind answering some questions that might be covered elsewhere that
I just haven't found yet.
I want to distribute code to RubySteps members. I've been using git, which is obviously awesome,
but it doesn't really let me limit who gets what and when. I thought that was an advantage at
first, but it turns out that people get overwhelmed when I just throw the whole thing at them.
I could create a separate git repository for each member and push their new code there...
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