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play stupid games / win stupid prizes

Patrick Thomson patrickt

play stupid games / win stupid prizes
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View parameterized_expr.hs
data Expr a
= Index a a
| Call [a]
| Unary String a
| Binary a String a
| Paren a
| Literal Lit
deriving (Show, Eq)
View flatten_expr.hs
-- this would turn the expression
-- (((anArray[(10)])))
-- into
-- anArray[10]
flatten :: Expr -> Expr
-- base case: do nothing to constants
flatten (Constant i) = Constant i
-- this is the important case: we shed the Paren constructor and just
-- apply `flatten` to its contents
patrickt / simple_syntax.hs
Last active Aug 29, 2015
simple syntax tree
View simple_syntax.hs
data Lit
= StrLit String
| IntLit Int
| Ident String
deriving (Show, Eq)
data Expr
= Index Expr Expr
| Call [Expr]
| Unary String Expr
View apply.hs
-- given a function f from a's to b's, `apply f` is a function that turns Expr a's into Expr b's
-- by mapping its argument over each subexpression of type a.
apply :: (a -> b) -> Expr a -> Expr b
-- The Constant constructor has no eligible subexpressions, so apply does nothing.
apply f (Constant ident) = (Constant ident)
-- Indexes have two children of type a; apply f to both of them.
apply f (Index x y) = Index (f x) (f y)
-- Calls have a list of arguments, so we map `apply f` over it
apply f (Call name args) = Call (f name) (map f args)
-- et cetera, et cetera
View printf_example.hs
-- the representation of `printf("2 + 3 is %d", 2 + 3)`
printfExample :: Stmt
printfExample =
(Constant (Ident "printf"))
[ Constant (StrLit "2 + 3 is %d")
, Binary
(Constant (IntLit 2))
View functor.hs
class Functor f where
fmap :: Functor f => (a -> b) -> f a -> f b
View fix.hs
fix :: (a -> a) -> a
fix f = f (fix f)
View term.hs
newtype Term f = In { out :: f (Term f) } )
View exprtree.hs
-- not legal Haskell!
type ExprTree = Expr (Expr (Expr (Expr ...)))
View expr_functor.hs
{-# LANGUAGE DeriveFunctor #-}
data Expr a
= Index a a
| Call [a]
| Unary String a
| Binary a String a
| Paren a
| Literal Lit
deriving (Show, Eq, Functor) -- fmap for free
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