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Paulo Henrique Deléo paulodeleo

  • Curitiba - PR, Brazil
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paulodeleo /
Created Apr 20, 2019
Script to fix natural touchpad scroll direction for gnome based apps on XFCE4 (eg.: Xubuntu). A copy of
# Find the amount by doign
# synclient | grep HorizScrollDelta
# synclient | grep VertScrollDelta
# And then simply negative that value for this
# Found at
# This is because, although xubuntu 18.04 has reverse scrolling option in touchpad
# settings, it doesn't really work, the setting does not cascade to gnome apps for some reason.
synclient HorizScrollDelta=-116
paulodeleo / myDell7559.xmodmap
Created Apr 20, 2019
My xmodmap based keyboard key remappings for Dell 7559 on linux to use a Lenovo-like layout
View myDell7559.xmodmap
!!! Load it using `xmodmap myDell7559.xmodmap` on login !!!
!!! Remaps pgup to delete !!!
keycode 112 = Delete
!!! Remaps num lock to home !!!
keycode 77 = Home
!!! Remaps numeric 7 to end !!!
keycode 79 = End
paulodeleo / Gestures.conf
Created Apr 20, 2019
My Gestures app config export for touch based input control of multimedia keys on Ubuntu (19.04)
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# Generated by Gestures 0.2.2 -->
# Manual editing might result in data loss!
# Invalid lines
# Unsupported lines
# Swipe threshold (0-100)
View Default (Linux).sublime-keymap.json
// sublime.log_input(True)
// sublime.log_commands(True)
{ "keys": ["alt+f4"], "command": "exit" },
{ "keys": ["ctrl+alt+f4"], "command": "close_window" },
{ "keys": ["ctrl+'"], "command": "show_panel", "args": {"panel": "console", "toggle": true} },
{ "keys": ["ctrl+keypad_divide"], "command": "toggle_comment", "args": { "block": false } },
{ "keys": ["ctrl+shift+keypad_divide"], "command": "toggle_comment", "args": { "block": true } },
// Comment on cce notebook - linux
{ "keys": ["control+q"], "command": "toggle_comment", "args": { "block": false } }
View Default (Windows).sublime-keymap.json
{ "keys": ["ctrl+tab"], "command": "next_view" },
{ "keys": ["ctrl+shift+tab"], "command": "prev_view" },
{ "keys": ["ctrl+f11"], "command": "toggle_menu" }
paulodeleo / Serviços e programas gratuitos que
Last active Jun 29, 2020
Serviços e programas gratuitos que uso
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View Preferences.sublime-settings
"atomic_save": false,
"color_scheme": "Packages/Color Scheme - Default/Monokai.tmTheme",
"enable_tab_scrolling": false,
"font_size": 13,
"Color Highlighter",
"Pretty JSON",
paulodeleo / Links about Dell 7559 Hackintosh.txt
Last active Mar 15, 2018
Links about Dell 7559 Hackintosh
View Links about Dell 7559 Hackintosh.txt
paulodeleo / Raspberry pi test settings.txt
Last active Mar 15, 2018
Raspberry pi test settings
View Raspberry pi test settings.txt
# based on this article:
# original pi settings
vm.swappiness = 60
vm.vfs_cache_pressure = 100
vm.dirty_background_ratio = 10
vm.dirty_ratio = 20
# test settings
sudo sysctl -w vm.swappiness=15
paulodeleo /
Last active Jun 23, 2016
My notes on "Pluralsight webinar: Is Your Team Ready to Use React.js?"

Title: Pluralsight webinar: Is Your Team Ready to Use React.js?

Webinar date: 06/23/2016



There are a seemingly endless number of new JavaScript frameworks and libraries to pay attention to and it’s often hard to decide which one is best for your project or workflow. In this screencast, we take an objective look at Facebook’s React.js library and explore its learning curve, performance, and real-world uses by businesses like Paypal and Airbnb. We’ll compare React.js to popular alternatives like Angular and jQuery to show why it may make sense for your team to start using React.js in your front-end workflow.

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