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describe DataMapper::Types::Slug do
before(:all) do
class SlugTest
include DataMapper::Resource
property :id, Serial
property :name, Slug
property :title, String
property :title_slug, Slug
View gist:31202
require 'rubygems'
gem 'dm-core'
gem 'dm-types'
require 'dm-core'
require 'dm-types'
class User
include DataMapper::Resource
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describe "when handling results" do
before(:each) do
MQ.stub!(:new)'mapperproxy', {})
@instance = Nanite::MapperProxy.instance
@fanout = stub(:fanout, :publish => true)
@payload = {:payload => ['nanite', 'eventmachine', 'rabbitmq']}
pdlug / gist:962855
Created May 9, 2011
AMQP connection failure handling
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def setup_connection(connection)
# open channel, set up exchanges and bindings, subscribe
:host => '',
:vhost => '/search',
:timeout => 0.3,
:on_tcp_connection_failure => { |settings| puts "Failed to connect"; EM.stop }) do |connection, open_ok|
pdlug / gist:1072288
Created Jul 8, 2011
Test AMQP consumer/producer with auto recovery
View gist:1072288
require 'amqp'
def setup_connection(connection)
puts "Setting up connection"
channel =, :auto_recovery => true)
channel.on_error do |ch, channel_close|
raise channel_close.reply_text
View pacer_loop_test.rb
require 'bundler/setup'
require 'pacer'
require 'pacer-neo4j'
#graph =
graph = Pacer.neo4j('/tmp/test-neo4j')
c1 = graph.create_vertex(name: 'Concept 1')
c2 = graph.create_vertex(name: 'Concept 2')
View paul.zsh-theme
# Paul's ZSH Theme, based on several others
PROMPT='$(_user_host)${_current_dir}$(git_prompt_info)%{$reset_color%}${_return_status}%# '
local _current_dir="%3~ "
local _return_status="%{$fg[red]%}%(?..⍉)%{$reset_color%}"
local _hist_no="%{$fg[grey]%}%h%{$reset_color%}"
function _user_host() {
if [[ -n $SSH_CONNECTION ]]; then
pdlug / contribs.clj
Created Feb 4, 2015
Demo of parsing JATS XML using `` to extract contributors.
View contribs.clj
(ns jats.contribs
(:require [ :as io]
[ :as zip]
[ :as xml]
[ :as zx]
[clojure.pprint :as pprint])
(:gen-class :main true))
(defn contrib-name [name]
(let [first-name (zx/xml1-> name :given-names zx/text)
pdlug / index.ts
Last active Oct 21, 2018
Example of embedding Apollo GraphQL server inside next.js
View index.ts
import * as express from 'express'
import * as next from 'next'
import { ApolloServer, gql } from 'apollo-server-express'
const port = parseInt(process.env.PORT, 10) || 3000
const dev = process.env.NODE_ENV !== 'production';
const app = next({ dev, quiet: false })
const handle = app.getRequestHandler()
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