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We can make this file beautiful and searchable if this error is corrected: Unclosed quoted field in line 9.
set -ex
# 1
git diff --exit-code
git checkout main
git pull origin main
/* Orange color for light color scheme (Default) */
/* Can be forced with data-theme="light" */
:root:not([data-theme=dark]) {
--pico-text-selection-color: rgba(244, 93, 44, 0.25);
--pico-primary: #bd3c13;
--pico-primary-background: #d24317;
--pico-primary-underline: rgba(189, 60, 19, 0.5);
--pico-primary-hover: #942d0d;
--pico-primary-hover-background: #bd3c13;
#!/usr/bin/env python
import subprocess
def main(*args):
if not args:
requirements_in = ""
requirements_in = args[0]
peterbe / gist:cd36f854dccbaaa63f4d11facc32bc77
Created February 7, 2024 23:53
Trying to `pyenv install 3.12`
❯ pyenv install 3.12
python-build: use openssl@3 from homebrew
python-build: use readline from homebrew
Installing Python-3.12.1...
python-build: use tcl-tk from homebrew
python-build: use readline from homebrew
python-build: use ncurses from homebrew
python-build: use zlib from xcode sdk
BUILD FAILED (OS X 14.3 using python-build 2.3.35-11-g9908daf8)
class TestClass
def self.some_method
puts "A class method"
def some_method
puts "My instance method"
class TestClass
def self.some_other_method
puts "Hi"
def my_instance_method
puts "My instance method"
# Also possible and convenient when you
import { renderUnified } from './src/content-render/unified/index.js'
const template =
// '<div class="ghd-tool jetbrains">\n' +
'GitHub Copilot Chat is currently in beta, and is subject to change.\n' +
'<br><br>\n' +
// '</div>\n' +
'All users with a GitHub Copilot Individual subscription can access the GitHub Copilot Chat beta in Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio.\n' +
'<br><br>\n' +
'Owners of organizations with a Copilot Business subscription can decide whether to grant access to the GitHub Copilot Chat beta for Visual Studio and VS Code.\n' +
import { RequestError } from '@octokit/request-error'
import Github from './src/workflows/github.js'
const github = Github()
export async function listMatchingRefs(owner, repo, ref) {
try {
// if the ref is found, this returns an array of objects;
// if the ref is not found, this returns an empty array
const { data } = await github.git.listMatchingRefs({