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peterjaap / github-magento2-composer-patch.js
Last active Nov 21, 2019
Tampermonkey script to create copy/pastable composer patch definition for vaimo/composer-patches from Magento PR's and commits
View github-magento2-composer-patch.js
// ==UserScript==
// @name Create copy/pastable composer patch definition for vaimo/composer-patches
// @namespace
// @version 1.0.0
// @description Github Magento 2 - create definition for composer patches
// @author Peter Jaap Blaakmeer <>
// @match*/*/pull/**
// @match*/*/commit/**
// @require
// @grant GM_addStyle
peterjaap / Observer.php
Created Jun 2, 2015
Fixed Orchid_CouponFix_Model_Observer for Magento 1.7+
View Observer.php
class Orchid_CouponFix_Model_Observer
public function cancel($observer)
$resource = Mage::getModel('core/resource');
$db = $resource->getConnection('core_write');
$event = $observer->getEvent();
$order = $event->getPayment()->getOrder();
if ($order->canCancel()) {
peterjaap / attachToWebsite.sql
Created Sep 24, 2014
Magento SQL query to attach products that are not added to a website to the default website (id 1)
View attachToWebsite.sql
INSERT INTO catalog_product_website
(product_id, website_id)
(SELECT catalog_product_entity.entity_id, '1'
FROM catalog_product_entity LEFT JOIN catalog_product_website ON catalog_product_entity.entity_id = catalog_product_website.product_id
GROUP BY catalog_product_entity.entity_id
HAVING COUNT(catalog_product_website.product_id) = 0
peterjaap / server.blacklist
Last active Sep 19, 2019
Bad bot blacklist nginx config file (used on Hypernodes for Magento - place in /data/web/nginx/server.blacklist)
View server.blacklist
# Main list
if ($http_user_agent ~* (360Spider||Abonti|AcoonBot|Acunetix|adbeat_bot||adidxbot|ADmantX|AhrefsBot|AngloINFO|Antelope|Applebot|BaiduSpider|BeetleBot|billigerbot|binlar|bitlybot|BlackWidow|BLP_bbot|BoardReader|Bolt\ 0|BOT\ for\ JCE|Bot\ mailto\:craftbot@yahoo\.com|casper|CazoodleBot|CCBot|checkprivacy|ChinaClaw|chromeframe|Clerkbot|Cliqzbot|clshttp|CommonCrawler|comodo|CPython|crawler4j|Crawlera|CRAZYWEBCRAWLER|Curious|Curl|Custo|CWS_proxy|Default\ Browser\ 0|diavol|DigExt|Digincore|DIIbot|DISCo|discobot|DoCoMo|DotBot|Download\ Demon|DTS.Agent|EasouSpider|eCatch|ecxi|EirGrabber|Elmer|EmailCollector|EmailSiphon|EmailWolf|Exabot|ExaleadCloudView|ExpertSearch|ExpertSearchSpider|Express\ WebPictures|extract|ExtractorPro|EyeNetIE|Ezooms|F2S|FastSeek|feedfinder|FeedlyBot|FHscan|finbot|Flamingo_SearchEngine|FlappyBot|FlashGet|flicky|Flipboard|g00g1e|genieo|Genieo|GetRight|GetWeb\!|GigablastOpenSource|Go\-Ahead\-Got\-It|Go\!Zilla|GozaikBot|grab|GrabNet|Grafula|GrapeshotCrawler|GT\:\:
peterjaap / swatch_attribute_options.php
Created Nov 28, 2017
Helper functions for product import in Magento 2 to create swatch attribute options
View swatch_attribute_options.php
* @param $attributeCode
* @param $newOptionValues
* @internal param $attributeData
public function addSwatchValuesToSwatchAttribute($attributeCode, $newOptionValues)
peterjaap / 1_product_queries.sql
Created Sep 16, 2019 — forked from itris/1_product_queries.sql
Magento 2 - Remove duplicate store view-specific product and category data
View 1_product_queries.sql
* IMPORTANT: The queries below are written for Magento Enterprise. If you're going to run them on Magento Community, you need
* to replace all instances of ".row_id" with ".entity_id". See this for context:
* When importing products in Magento 2, if you specify store view codes in the store_view_code column, product data will be set at
* both the global scope as well as the specific store view scope. This is not ideal because now you have duplicate
* data at two different scopes that shouldn't actually be duplicated. The scripts below clean up this data by finding
* data set at specific store view scopes and if it's an exact match to the data set at the global store view, then it
* deletes the data set at the specific store view scope.
peterjaap / fixtags.php
Last active Aug 2, 2019
Replace PHP short open tags with long form open tags - PHP script version. Slightly adapted from -- usage; find . -type f -iname "*.phtml" | xargs php -d short_open_tag=On fixtags.php --overwrite
View fixtags.php
* php_replace_short_tags
* Copyright © 2010 Weirdmasters, Austin, Texas
* License:
* CC-BY-SA v3.0
peterjaap /
Last active Jul 25, 2019
Magento testing scenarios

Magento testing scenarios

For use after an upgrade to verify the correct working of Magento




  • Activate all logs on the server (PHP, MySQL, Magento, mail, etc)
  • Check meta tags in HTML
peterjaap / deleteUnconvertedQuotes.sql
Created Sep 19, 2014
Delete unconverted and inactive quotes from Magento
View deleteUnconvertedQuotes.sql
DELETE FROM sales_flat_quote WHERE (updated_at < DATE_SUB(NOW(),INTERVAL 60 DAY) || is_active = 0)
peterjaap / lockComposerJsonToPatchReleases.php
Last active Jul 1, 2019
Lock your composer.json package versions to the latest installed version and prepend a tilde to lock to patch releases only
View lockComposerJsonToPatchReleases.php
// One-line all the things !1!1!!
// wget && php lockComposerJsonToPatchReleases.php && rm lockComposerJsonToPatchReleases.php
$composerLockData = json_decode(file_get_contents('composer.lock'), true);
$composerJsonData = json_decode(file_get_contents('composer.json'), true);
$excludedPackages = ['magento/product-community-edition', 'composer/composer'];
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