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peternguyen93 /
Last active May 8, 2023 20:14
Install ArchLinux ARM64 UEFI boot on Apple Silicon Virtualization.framework

Install ArchLinux UEFI on M1 Virtualization.framework

1. Preparation

  • ISO gentoo aarch64 installation
  • tart a command line to create and run Virtual Machine in command line.

2. Setup

  • Create virtual machine with tart and boot into Gentoo Linux
tart create —linux archlinux
tart run --disk ./install-arm64-minimal-20221218T221711Z.iso archlinux
peternguyen93 /
Created December 21, 2022 10:49
Using Rosetta2 in Docker on ArchLinux VM Apple Silicon

Using Rosetta2 in Docker on ArchLinux arm64 - Apple M1

  1. Start vm with tart
tart run archlinux --no-graphics --dir=shared:~/Sources --rosetta=ROSETTA
  1. mount rosetta to Linux
sudo mkdir -p /mnt/rosetta
sudo mount -t virtiofs ROSETTA /mnt/rosetta
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>SGX PWN</title>
<script type="text/javascript">
function print(text)
# Author : peternguyen93
import sys
sys.path.append('../') # back to vboxlib module
from vboxlib.hgcm import *
from vboxlib.chromium import *
from ctypes import *
import socket
import time
import re
from Pwning import *
pl = Payload()
def get_socket(host, port):
s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
s.connect((host, port))
# Author : peternguyen
from Pwn import *
# p = Pwn(mode=1,port=8887)
p = Pwn(mode=1,host='',port=56746)
def select(op):
p.read_until('Your choice: ')
from keystone import *
from capstone import *
from unicorn import *
from unicorn.x86_const import *
from struct import *
from termcolor import *
import os
import sys
# Author : peternguyen
from struct import *
from base64 import b64encode,b64decode
import requests
import re
import hashlib
import random
target = 'UOTp%I()<>S'
out = ''
for c in target:
found = False
for func_name in dir("")[::-1]:
doc = getattr(getattr("",func_name),"__doc__")
if c in doc:
idx = doc.find(c)
out += "{0.%s.__doc__[%d]}" % (func_name,idx)
# Author : peternguyen
from Pwn import *
p = Pwn(mode=1,host='',port=9999)
def alloc(name,type):