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Turning caffeine into code

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Turning caffeine into code
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philihp /
Last active August 29, 2015 14:00
Queries Google Voice's web service for all possible phone numbers
import sys
import urllib2
import json
opener = urllib2.build_opener()
opener.addheaders.append(('Cookie', ...put your browser session cookies here... ))
for n in xrange(2000,9999):
npad = "{0:04d}".format(n)
philihp /
Last active August 29, 2015 14:01
Monte carlo simulator finding the odds that an 8-digit decimal number has exactly 4 of the same digit.
import random
total = 0;
good = 0;
for n in xrange(1,100000000):
i = random.randint(0,99999999)
s = "{0:0>8}".format(i);
import random
total = 0;
good = 0;
for n in xrange(1,10**8):
s = "{0:0>8}".format(n);
a = {}
function converge() {
echo "Converging $id..."
cd ~/code/chef
fab -P -u $USER -R $id converge_service:"$2"
cd -
philihp /
Created January 23, 2012 04:12
Java 7 switching on a String
switch(suit) {
case "club":
case "diamond":
trickValue = 20;
case "heart":
case "spade":
trickValue = 30;
case "no-trump":
philihp /
Created April 5, 2012 18:33
Facebook OAuth with Scribe in Struts 1
import org.apache.struts.action.*;
import org.scribe.builder.*;
import org.scribe.builder.api.*;
import org.scribe.model.*;
import org.scribe.oauth.*;
public class Authenticate extends Action {
public ActionForward execute(ActionMapping mapping, ActionForm form,
Calculating the odds of the 3-strike game on The Price Is Right
data trials(keep=outcome j strikes);
outcome = 0;
do i=1 to 10000000;
bag = 8;
strikes = 3;
package sos;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.Map.Entry;
import java.util.Set;