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Working from home

Patrick H. Mullins phmullins

Working from home
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nativefier --name "WhatsApp" --width 700px --height 800px -o --counter --icon whatsapp.png ''
teleservices / gist:c2c445deda90519cba4a
Created Jun 13, 2014
mac_clean.bat - delete bogus hidden mac files
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del /s /a:h /a:a /q ._*
del /s /a:h /a:a /q .DS_Store
rmdir /s /q .Trashes
rmdir /s /q .Spotlight-V100
rmdir /s /q .fseventsd
del /s /a:h /a:a /q autorun.inf
del /s /a:h /a:a /q icon.ico
Tristor / tweaks
Last active Dec 7, 2017
OSX Dev Tweaks
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sudo nvram SystemAudioVolume=" "
defaults write reduceTransparency -bool true
for domain in ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/*; do
defaults write "${domain}" dontAutoLoad -array \
"/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/" \
"/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/" \
"/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/"
defaults write menuExtras -array \
"/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/" \
blackjid /
Last active Jul 16, 2022
How configure your raspberry pi with dashing to have a awesome dashboard

Raspberry pi dashboard

This is what we did to setup a few dashboards at platanus

You'll need

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Dashing Service
  • Wifi stick (optional)
leonardofed /
Last active Sep 23, 2022
A curated list of AWS resources to prepare for the AWS Certifications

A curated list of AWS resources to prepare for the AWS Certifications

A curated list of awesome AWS resources you need to prepare for the all 5 AWS Certifications. This gist will include: open source repos, blogs & blogposts, ebooks, PDF, whitepapers, video courses, free lecture, slides, sample test and many other resources.

pksunkara / config
Last active Sep 26, 2022
Sample of git config file (Example .gitconfig) (Place them in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/git)
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name = Pavan Kumar Sunkara
email =
username = pksunkara
defaultBranch = master
editor = nvim
whitespace = fix,-indent-with-non-tab,trailing-space,cr-at-eol
pager = delta