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Application Form PGBIO
Application form for Project Group "Bioinformatics Custom Computers"
1. What is the title of your Bachelor's thesis and who was your advisor?
2. What seminars have you attended?
3. What lectures have you completed in the area of ESS (embedded systems and system software) at UPB?
4. If admitted to the project group, which area would be most interesting for you (use the following encoding for priorities: 1: very interested, 2: interested, 3: no interested
[ ] Bioinformatics algorithms
[ ] Hardware accelerator design
[ ] Validation and testing
5. Please summarize your motivation for joining this project group in about 200 words.

Wer dabei sein will, schreibt möglicherweise bei 4. überall 1 rein => nur ein Kreuz zulassen?
Und vielleicht noch nach Vorkenntnissen fragen:

Skills (1 = experienced, 2 = basic knowledge, 3 = no )
Java Programming
C Programming
HDL (and if 1 or 2, which? Eg VHDL, Verilog, ...)
Parallel Programming (and if 1 or 2, which concept. E.g., MPI, Open-MP, Threads, ...)
Prior knowledge of bioinformatic algorithms (and if 1 or 2, in which context?)

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