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SF, hacking, thinking, observing, feeling

Anton Podviaznikov podviaznikov

SF, hacking, thinking, observing, feeling
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View error-handling.js
// ideally those should be sent in parallel
// failure of one shouldn't impact failure of others
function sendNotifications (data, instance, container) {
try {
slack.sendNotification(data, instance, container)
} catch (err) {
// retry sending a message
slack.sendNotification(data, instance, container)
try {
podviaznikov / error-handling-workers.js
Created May 25, 2017
error handling on the workers
View error-handling-workers.js
onContainerDataSaved = function (container) {
let networkData
try {
networkData = network.fetchNetworkData()
network.attachContainerToNetwork(networkData, container)
websockets.sendErrorToClients("Cannot attach container to the network")
} catch (err) {
if (err instanceof NetworkAttachError) {
messageBus.emit('network.attach.failed', { container, networkData })
View gist:f088b96dc3886b1717b93a7220da33b0
{"name":"palantiri","commit":"e8d147487e65d9dcf2f90ba9827c7e3ee3e23cfa","environment":"production-delta","hostname":"palantiri","pid":15,"tx":true,"module":"Swarm","method":"getHostsWithOrgs","level":10,"info":{"ID":"","Containers":14457,"ContainersRunning":3122,"ContainersPaused":0,"ContainersStopped":11335,"Images":6485,"Driver":"","DriverStatus":null,"SystemStatus":[["Role","primary"],["Strategy","spread"],["Filters","health, port, containerslots, dependency, affinity, constraint"],["Nodes","257"],[" (unknown)",""],[" ? ID",""],[" ? Status","Pending"],[" ? Containers","0"],[" ? Reserved CPUs","0 / 0"],[" ? Reserved Memory","0 B / 0 B"],[" ? Labels",""],[" ? Error","Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is the docker daemon running on this host?"],[" ? UpdatedAt","2016-08-03T16:55:09Z"],[" ? ServerVersion",""],[" ip-10-8-192-52.9487339",""],[" ? ID","SRSN:VBV3:4ZSI:J3HF:AXQF:KZWX:2SJH:7TUY:N3KG:WEP5:AIHP:5FSQ"],[" ? Status","Healthy"],[" ? Containers","36"],[" ? Reserved CPUs"
View Dockerfile-metalsmith-blog
# Full list of versions available here:\n' +
FROM node:0.10.38
# Open up ports on the container
EXPOSE 80 8000 8080 3000
# Add repository files to container
podviaznikov / Datomic News Updates
Created Apr 21, 2016 — forked from stuarthalloway/Datomic News Updates
Datomic update examples against a social news database
View Datomic News Updates
;; Datomic example code
;; demonstrates various update scenarios, using a news database
;; that contains stories, users, and upvotes
;; grab an in memory database
(use '[datomic.api :only (q db) :as d])
(def uri "datomic:mem://foo")
(d/create-database uri)
(def conn (d/connect uri))
View pascaltriangle.clj
(defn pascaltriangle-iter [row col]
(if (or (= col 1) (= col row))
(pascaltriangle-iter (- row 1) (- col 1))
(pascaltriangle-iter (- row 1) col))))
(defn pascaltriangle-row [row]
(for [i (range 1 (+ 1 row))]
(pascaltriangle-iter row i)))
View nginx.txt
podviaznikov / fibonacci.clj
Created Oct 30, 2013
Fibonacci implementation on Clojure.
View fibonacci.clj
(defn fib-iter [a b n]
(if (zero? n)
(recur (+ a b) a (dec n))))
(defn fib [n]
(fib-iter 1 0 n))
(fib 40) ;102334155
podviaznikov / gdc.clj
Created Oct 30, 2013
The greatest common divisor (GCD) of two integers: x and y. Clojure implementation.
View gdc.clj
(defn gdc [x y]
(if (= x y)
(if (> x y)
(recur (- x y) y)
(recur (- y x) x))))
(gdc 10, 100) ; 10
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