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Rita popcornomnom

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View NSClipViewExtension.swift
import Cocoa
extension NSClipView {
open override var isFlipped: Bool {
return true
View ___FILEBASENAME___.swift
// ___FILENAME___
// Created by ___FULLUSERNAME___ on ___DATE___.
// Copyright (c) ___YEAR___ ___ORGANIZATIONNAME___. All rights reserved.
// This file was generated by
View ReachabilityObserverDelegate.swift
import Foundation
import Reachability
//declare this property where it won't go out of scope relative to your listener
fileprivate var reachability: Reachability!
protocol ReachabilityActionDelegate {
func reachabilityChanged(_ isReachable: Bool)
View ReachabilityHandler.swift
class ReachabilityHandler: ReachabilityObserverDelegate {
//MARK: Lifecycle
required init() {
try? addReachabilityObserver()
deinit {
View Localizable.string
//"<key>" = "<localized value>";
"welcomeTitle" = "Welcome!";
"start" = "Start";
View LocalizableDelegate.swift
protocol LocalizableDelegate {
var rawValue: String { get } //localize key
var table: String? { get }
var localized: String { get }
extension LocalizableDelegate {
//returns a localized value by specified key located in the specified table
var localized: String {
return Bundle.main.localizedString(forKey: rawValue, value: nil, table: table)
View InAppEnum.swift
enum InApp: String, LocalizableDelegate {
case title = "inAppTitle"
case subtitle = "inAppSubtitle"
case description = "inAppDescription"
var table: String? {
return "InApps"
View LocalizableUsage.swift
title.text = Localizable.WelcomePage.title.localized // Welcome!
View LocalizableDelegateUpgrated.swift
enum WelcomePage: String, LocalizableDelegate {
case title = "welcomeTitle"
case ctaButtonTitle = "start"
case next
View WelcomePageRaw.swift
enum WelcomePage: String {
case title
case ctaButtonTitle