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Alternating between Haskell and PDP-11 assembler

Dave Thomas pragdave

Alternating between Haskell and PDP-11 assembler
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ascending([H | [ S | T ]]) :-
H < S,
ascending([S | T]),
valid([P1, P2, P3]) :-
pragdave / hanoi.tsx
Created February 20, 2023 18:54
Looking for feedback on my first Motion Canvas attempt
import {makeScene2D} from '@motion-canvas/2d/lib/scenes';
import {Rect, View2D} from '@motion-canvas/2d/lib/components';
import {createRef, Reference} from '@motion-canvas/core/lib/utils';
import { Color, Vector2 } from '@motion-canvas/core/lib/types';
const PoleLong = 201
const PoleShort = 25
const PoleBase = 150
const DiskCount = 5
const MinDiskWidth = 50

Wow! Fantastic conference. I'm sure at the end we'll have a nice summary, so I'm not going gush too much.

But I must admit, I always enjoy these conferences, so thank you to everybody involved.

How many people have seen me speak at a previous elixir event? Oh, a fair number. «How many have heard me speak» twice?

All right, so the ones that have seen me speak are kind of nervous right now.

import Data.List (sort, intersperse, union)
import Data.Function ( (&) )
import System.Random (Random(randomRIO))
(|>) = (&) -- 'cos I'm too old to switch...
pickRandomWord :: [ String ] -> IO String
pickRandomWord words = do
rand <- randomRIO (0, length words - 1)
return (words !! rand)
pragdave / clapperboard.js
Created April 18, 2020 23:00
Trivial JS function to help sync sound and screen when recording a browser based screencast
export function clapperBoard() {
let audio = new AudioContext()
let beep = audio.createOscillator()
let flash = document.createElement("div")
beep.frequency.value = 440 * 5
// swap the clauses in the following sentence
// the result will be "the world is your oyster, if you can program"
str1 = "if you can program, the world is your oyster"
// replace three or more trailing identical digits in a number wih just one
// digit and three dots, so 0.456666 becomes 0.456... and 124.3333 becomes
// 124.3... Numbers such as 124.33 and 124.35553 are left unchanged
str2a = "0.456666"
str2b = "124.3333"
str1 = "replace multiple spaces in this string with a single space"
str2 = "remove the decimal point and fractional parts of 3.14159 and 99.999."
str3 = "if words are 4 or more characters surrounded by spaces, replace words in this sentence with a single W"
str4 = "like str3 but now words must be between 4 and 6 characters"
str0 = "Does this string contain the word 'cat'?"
str1 = "what is the offset of the character X in this string?"
str2 = "Replace the first space in this string with a plus sign"
str3 = "Replace all spaces with plus signs in this string"
str4 = "What is the position of the first occurrence of two adjacent vowels in this string?"
str5 = "Delete ALL the Upper Case letters in this string"
pragdave / anagram.fs
Last active December 13, 2019 18:03
/// <summary>
/// Builds a map where the keys are word signatures and
/// each value is the list of words that share that signature.
/// The signature of a word is simply a string containing
/// the word's letters, sorted. Thus "dog" and "god" will
/// both have the signature "dgo", and the entry in the map
/// with that key will be those two words.
/// This let's us quickly find anagrams
/// </summary>
pragdave / roman1.ex
Last active September 24, 2019 02:21
defmodule RomanNumeral do
@mapping [
{1000, 'M'},
{900, 'CM'},
{500, 'D'},
{400, 'CD'},
{100, 'C'},
{90, 'XC'},
{50, 'L'},
{40, 'XL'},