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PouchDB is a database written in JavaScript for web browsers that has in built sync capabilities.

For a long time 'web' was synonymous with 'online'. That is no longer the case, Mobile web usage is set to overtake desktop web usage shortly and a growing number of examples are showing that web technology is capable of handling the type of applications that were traditionally built using desktop native technology.

The new wave of offline web applications are going to need somewhere to store their data and they are going to need to learn how to move that data around as their user moves from device to device. How about we build a database with that functionality built in?


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Last active Mar 5, 2021
Setting up Vim as your Go IDE
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Setting up Vim as your Go IDE

The final IDE


I've been wanting to do a serious project in Go. One thing holding me back has been a my working environment. As a huge PyCharm user, I was hoping the Go IDE plugin for IntelliJ IDEA would fit my needs. However, it never felt quite right. After a previous experiment a few years ago using Vim, I knew how powerful it could be if I put in the time to make it so. Luckily there are plugins for almost anything you need to do with Go or what you would expect form and IDE. While this is no where near comprehensive, it will get you writing code, building and testing with the power you would expect from Vim.

Getting Started

I'm assuming you're coming with a clean slate. For me this was OSX so I used MacVim. There is nothing in my config files that assumes this is the case.