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Ram Iyengar ramiyengar

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View kubectl-port-forward
kubectl port-forward -n cf-workloads go-app-with-metrics-devel-cf3200ae74-0 2112
Forwarding from -> 2112
Forwarding from [::1]:2112 -> 2112
Handling connection for 2112
View 1_GcloudConnect
gcloud container clusters get-credentials <cluster-name> --zone <zone-name> --project <project-name>
View 2GitCloneCF-K8s-Prometheus
git clone
View 3GitCf-For-K8s
git clone
cd cf-for-k8s
View 4HackScript
./hack/ -d > /home/ram/tempdir/cf-values.yml
vi /home/ram/tempdir/cf-values.yml
View 5YTT
ytt -f ~/cf-for-k8s/config -f ~/cf-k8s-prometheus/config -f ~/cf-k8s-prometheus/experimental/add-grafana.yml -f ~/tempdir/cf-values.yml > ~/tempdir/cf-for-k8s-rendered.yml
View 6Kapp
kapp deploy -a cf -f /home/ram/tempdir/cf-for-k8s-rendered.yml -y
View 7PatchStaticIp
kubectl patch svc istio-ingressgateway --namespace istio-system --patch '{"spec": { "loadBalancerIP": "" }}'