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View text data type not working
(defn create-project
[:id :int "PRIMARY KEY" "NOT NULL"]
[:name "varchar(30)" "NOT NULL"]
[:description :text "NOT NULL"]))
View contextual_eval.clj
(defn contextual-eval [ctx expr] ;; from Joy of clojure
`(let ~(vec (mapcat #(list % `('~ctx '~%)) (keys ctx)))
(defn contextual-eval ;; alternative
[ctx expr]
`(let ~(vec (apply concat ctx))
View cleanup.clj
(defn clean-up [m]
(reduce f {} m))
(defn f
[m [key value]]
(vector? value) (apply conj m (map clean-up value))
(map? value) (conj m value)
:else (assoc m key value)))
View save_buffer.el
(defun my-save-buffer (&optional args)
"removing trailing whitespaces and tabs while saving buffer"
(interactive "p")
(untabify (point-min) (point-max))
(save-buffer args))
(global-set-key "\C-x\C-s" 'my-save-buffer)
View full_screen.el
;;toggle full-screen
(defun toggle-fullscreen ()
(if (frame-parameter nil 'fullscreen)
View cross_product.clj
(->> colls
(reduce #(for [x %1 y %2] [x y]))
(map flatten)))
View pe_problem_21_fragment1.clj
(defn amicable? [a]
(if (@amicable-nos a) true
(let [b (d a)
db (d b)]
(if (and (not= a b) (= a db))
(do (swap! amicable-nos assoc b true) true)
View project_euler_problem_17.clj
(def number->wrd-cnt
{1 (count "one")
2 (count "two")
3 (count "three")
4 (count "four")
5 (count "five")
6 (count "six")
7 (count "seven")
8 (count "eight")
9 (count "nine")
View project_euler_problem_22.clj
(use '[ :only (reader read-lines)])
(def letter->index
{\A 1
\B 2
\C 3
\D 4
\E 5
\F 6
\G 7
(define (segments->painter segment-list)
(lambda (frame)
(lambda (segment)
((frame-coord-map frame) (start-segment segment))
((frame-coord-map frame) (end-segment segment))))
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