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Mike Benner refriedchicken

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require(File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), '../../../../../', "config", "boot"))
require 'rake'
require 'rake/testtask'
require 'rake/rdoctask'
# require 'tasks/rails'
# Gives us the ability to remove the default rake tasks before overriding
# them with our own commands
Rake::TaskManager.class_eval do
def remove_task(task_name)
View Rails 3 Authlogic
1. add this to your gem file
gem 'authlogic', :git => 'git://', :branch => 'rails3'
2. then run bundle install at the command line
3. finally you can run this install of script/generate session user_session
rails g authlogic:session user_session
def update_maps_key
a_config = YAML.load_file "#{RAILS_ROOT}/config/gmaps_api_key.yml"
a_config["production"].merge!({self.domain_name => self.key})"#{RAILS_ROOT}/config/gmaps_api_key.yml", 'w') { |f| YAML.dump(a_config, f) }
View Stupid XSS fix
production: !str
str: asfgasfg
"@_rails_html_safe": false ABQIAAAAzMUFFnT9uH0Sfg76Y4kbhTJQa0g3IQ9GZqIMmInSLzwtGDmlRT6e90j135zat56yhJKQlWnkaidDIQ ABQIAAAAzMUFFnT9uH0Sfg98Y4kbhGFJQa0g3IQ9GZqIMmInSLrthJKGDmlRT98f4j135zat56yjRKQlWnkmod3TB
development: ABQIAAAAzMUFFnT9uH0xq39J0Y4kbhTJQa0g3IQ9GZqIMmInSLzwtGDKaBR6j135zrztfTGVOm2QlWnkaidDIQ
test: ABQIAAAAzMUFFnT9uH0xq39J0Y4kbhTJQa0g3IQ9GZqIMmInSLzwtGDKaBR6j135zrztfTGVOm2QlWnkaidDIQ