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rendom / gist:1d85fe3ecb1476832ea7
Created Sep 8, 2014
Bootstrap 3 Typeahead, using objects.
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function getData(callback){
// Cache & Ajax logix
callback([{id:1, name:'foo', text: 'huhu'}, {id:1, name:'baar', text: 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.'}]);
$seleceted = $(".selected");
minLength: 0,
render: function (items) {
// Ignore selected values
rendom / Semanitc-ui imports
Last active Dec 25, 2015
semantic-ui less imports
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@semantic-ui-path: "../../../vendor/semantic/ui/build/less/";
/* Collections */
@import "@{semantic-ui-path}collections/breadcrumb.less";
@import "@{semantic-ui-path}collections/form.less";
@import "@{semantic-ui-path}collections/grid.less";
@import "@{semantic-ui-path}collections/menu.less";
@import "@{semantic-ui-path}collections/message.less";
@import "@{semantic-ui-path}collections/table.less";