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Set default element styles
Based partially on sanitize.css v2.0.0
::after {
box-sizing: border-box;
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Reset text elements for easy semantic use.
/* Pseudo */
:focus {
outline: none;
View montyburns.js
// Not the most expressive code, but it does the trick.
// Run with swap = true to test swapping doors.
const montyBurns = function (swap = false) {
let wins = 0;
for (let i = 0; i < 10000; i++) {
const doors = [

JavaScript Bundlers


  • An all in one asset transformer and bundler.
  • Recommends that we use its internal dev server.
  • Built within / serving the React community.
  • Convention based, Rails-esque; many defaults for a "normal" project.
  • Run off of a large config file.
  • Has its own plugin ecosystem (Similar to babel / rollup transforms. Are they sharable?).
View frag-ref.js
* Return a reference to a document fragment's content that persists when the
* fragment's content is inserted into the DOM
* @param {DocumentFragment} fragment - fragment to return references from
* @returns {HTMLElement} A reference to the contents of fragment
const getReference = function(fragment) {
return [], 0)[0];

A good pull request:

  • Is easy to effectively code review
  • Is easy to effectively QA
  • Adds quality code and useful information to our codebase

This is primarily accomplished by keeping PRs and commits small, well described and single purpose.

Why bother?


Hi! Thanks for using this project. I had a lot of fun building it, and I hope you're having fun using it too.

If you have an error or support request

  • Read the error message and documentation.
  • Search existing issues, closed issues, and the internet first.
  • If the issue is with a dependency of this project, post on the dependency's repo.
  • If you can fix the issue, submit a PR 👍 💃 💃 🚀.
  • If the issue persists, post on the issue tracker. Include any information that could help others reproduce and fix.

To answer the "punctuation inside or outside quotes?" question, ask yourself if the punctuation belongs to the quote or the sentence that contains the quote.

Keep punctuation inside when it's part of the quoted sentence.

If the quoted sentence ends but the unquoted sentence continues, periods become commas.

"How are you doing today?" he asked.
"Check out my quotes," Rob said. "This punctuation seems pretty natural."

If you do it the other way, it's all kinds of wrong.

# Create and push to a new github repo from the command line.
# Grabs sensible defaults from the containing folder and `.gitconfig`.
# Refinements welcome.
# Gather constant vars
GITHUBUSER=$(git config github.user)