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Ambika E rosalogia

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rosalogia /
Created Nov 28, 2021
Simple example of using OCaml taglib bindings to get and set tags on an audio file
(* Make sure you have taglib installed. Find complete
documentation at *)
(* We write a small program that either displays or modifies a given
tag for a given audio file.
Usage example:
./main.exe get artist my_song.mp3
./main.exe set artist BikaBika my_song.mp3 *)
rosalogia / properties.hs
Last active Apr 23, 2021
A short Haskell program using QuickCheck to identify whether a defined relation R is an equivalence relation or partial ordering
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import Test.QuickCheck
-- unfortunately, function names cannot start with uppercase letters
r :: Positive Integer -> Positive Integer -> Bool
r a b =
let (x, y) = (getPositive a, getPositive b) in
y `mod` (x * x) == 0
implies p q = not p || q
rosalogia /
Created Apr 14, 2021
2d random walker in OCaml, adapted from a Rutgers CS111 assignment
let step (x, y) =
(* Match on a random integer between 0 and 3
* incrementing or decrementing either x or y
* depending on the result. The pattern matching
* is not exhaustive, but because we know
* 4 can only return a number between
* 0 and 3, this is okay. *)
match 4 with
| 0 -> (x + 1, y)
| 1 -> (x - 1, y)
rosalogia / relations.fsx
Created Apr 10, 2021
Short F# script to generate and count the number of simultaneously symmetric and anti-symmetric relations on a set A = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}
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module List =
// Some code for generating permutations of a list
// Please disregard it, I copied it off the internet :)
let rec permutations l =
let rec aux = function
| [] -> seq [List.empty]
| x :: xs -> Seq.collect (insertions x) (aux xs)
aux l |> Seq.toList
and insertions x = function
| [] -> [[x]]
rosalogia / equiv.hs
Created Apr 10, 2021
Short haskell program to generate equivalence classes of a relation R defined on the natural numbers such that aRb iff there exist odd integers p and q such that ap = bq
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-- The relation R defined as a function:
-- Takes two integers and returns true
-- if aRb and false otherwise
r :: Integer -> Integer -> Bool
-- Why gcd? The relation r can be
-- redefined in a way that's more
-- convenient to represent computationally:
-- aRb if the numerator and denominator
-- of the simplest form of a/b are both odd.
rosalogia / velblog.fsx
Created Mar 28, 2021
Script to grab all the developer blog entries from the Veloren site and convert their content to markdown files (for the purpose of searchability with grep)
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#r "nuget: FSharp.Data"
open FSharp.Data
open System.IO
let args = System.Environment.GetCommandLineArgs()
let first = int <| args.[2]
let last = int <| args.[3]
let fetchPageAsync i =
async {
rosalogia /
Created Mar 26, 2021
Left-Leaning Red Black Tree Insertion in Java
private static <Key extends Comparable<Key>, Value> boolean isRed(Node<Key, Value> root) {
return root != null && root.isRed;
private static <Key extends Comparable<Key>, Value> int size(Node<Key, Value> root) {
if (root == null) return 0;
return 1 + size(root.left) + size(root.right);
private static <Key extends Comparable<Key>, Value> Node<Key, Value> leftRotate(Node<Key, Value> root) {
rosalogia / stars.fsx
Created Mar 12, 2021
F# script for assessing the popularity of the forks of a repository
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#r "nuget: FSharp.Data"
open FSharp.Data
let args = System.Environment.GetCommandLineArgs()
let flags =
if args.Length > 3 then
args.[2..(args.Length - 2)]
rosalogia /
Last active Mar 3, 2021
Mean, Median and Mode of a Vec<i32> in Rust
use std::collections::HashMap;
pub fn mean(values: &[i32]) -> f64 {
let mut sum = 0.0;
for x in values {
sum += *x as f64;
sum / values.len() as f64
rosalogia / problem_set_generator.fsx
Created Feb 23, 2021
Short F# script to generate problem sets of a specified size containing problems from multiple sections of a textbook
View problem_set_generator.fsx
#r "nuget: FSharp.Json"
open FSharp.Json
open System.IO
type SubSection =
{ Name: string
; Weight: float
; ProblemRange: int * int }
type Section =