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rreeger / gist:3297595
Created Aug 8, 2012
CSS: Blue Sheets Table
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<!-- Make sure to remove <p> tags from <head> after converting Markdown to HTML. -->
table th {
table td:nth-child(n+2) {
background: rgb(135, 206, 250);
rreeger / gist:3388024
Created Aug 18, 2012
RSS Resources for Slogger
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#RSS Feed Resource for Brett Terpstra's Slogger

I hacked this together from numerous places as a resource for those using Slogger (graciously offered by Brett Terpstra).

I have tried to use ALL_CAPS in the feeds to note those areas that will require your specific info.

Feel free to share the list and make additions. And please let me know if there is anything here that needs correcting.

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