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I may be slow to respond.

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I may be slow to respond.
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version: '3'
image: crinis/sourcebans:latest
# Enable on install or update and make sure to set this to 'false' afterwards
# Also set this to false if you made any manual changes to Sourcebans sourcecode you want to keep
INSTALL: 'true'
- db
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{"meta":{"name":"Core","description":"SourceMod Core","author":"AlliedModders LLC"},"source":{"type":"git","merge":null,"repository":"","endpoints":null,"patterns":["plugins/include/*.inc"]},"strands":{"regex":{"functions":{"CompileRegex":{"name":"CompileRegex","refLine":144,"docStart":5801,"docEnd":6380,"docs":{"brief":"Precompile a regular expression. Use this if you intend on using the\nsame expression multiple times. Pass the regex handle returned here to\nMatchRegex to check for matches.","tags":[{"tag":"","text":"Precompile a regular expression. Use this if you intend on using the\nsame expression multiple times. Pass the regex handle returned here to\nMatchRegex to check for matches."},{"tag":"param:pattern","text":"The regular expression pattern."},{"tag":"param:flags","text":"General flags for the regular expression."},{"tag":"param:error","text":"Error message encountered, if applicable."},{"tag":"param:maxLen","text":"Maximum string length of the er
rumblefrog / tasks.json
Last active April 7, 2021 20:06
SourcePawn VSCode Task
// See
// for the documentation about the tasks.json format
"version": "2.0.0",
"tasks": [
"label": "Compile plugin",
"type": "shell",
"presentation": {


Client CIDR filter system with polling centralized TCP polling server.


  • Current relational structure dependence of CIDR Blocker requires full-row scan and value operation in order to determine potential candidate
  • Relational structure stores have O(n) storage instead and compute complexity.
  • Radix tree cannot be sanely implemented in such relational dependency, much less providing continuous updates.
  • Radix tree provides O(log n) storage and a worst-case of O(4) access, with the worst storage space cost of 256^4 bytes with every IPv4 address within the filter, with a mean cost of 256^3 bytes.


A network of Raspberry Pi Zero W that interconnect via GCP and potentially deployed using Kubernetes, and could potentially incorporate some ML processing on stored traffic data.

These traffic data could be incorporated to display live heat-map for specific locations and nodes and the ability to create and predict future trends.


Pi -> Redis? -> InfluxDB -> HTTP API -> Frontend

SourceManager::createFromBuffer(ReportingContext& cc, UniquePtr<char[]> buffer, uint32_t length)
const char* path = "fish-glub-glub";
Atom* atom = strings_.add(path);
AtomMap<RefPtr<SourceFile>>::Insert p = file_cache_.findForAdd(atom);
if (p.found())
return p->value;
rumblefrog /
Created July 21, 2019 23:32
Parses iptable logs
import re
import fileinput
from collections import Counter
pair_re = re.compile('([^ ]+)=([^ ]+)')
portlist = []
iplist = []
for line in fileinput.input():
line = line.rstrip()
rumblefrog / helix.js
Created March 28, 2019 02:14
Sophisticated Helix Antenna Design with matching Coax to 50 Ω
function mehrWind() { x = document.generator.n.value * 1; x = x + 1 ; document.generator.n.value = x.toFixed(0) ; rechnen();}
function wenigerWind() { x = document.generator.n.value * 1; x = x - 1 ; if (x<1) x=1; document.generator.n.value = x.toFixed(0) ; rechnen();}
function mehrCond() { x = document.generator.d4.value * 1; x = x + 0.1 ; document.generator.d4.value = x.toFixed(2) ; rechnen();}
function wenigerCond() { x = document.generator.d4.value * 1; x = x - 0.1 ; if (x<0.1) x=0.1; document.generator.d4.value = x.toFixed(2) ; rechnen();}
function rechnen()
var freq;
freq = document.generator.freq.value * 1;
rumblefrog / channelsorter.go
Created February 18, 2019 08:04
Sort Discord channels (category, text, voice) in an one dimension array
package channelsorter
import (
type ChannelGeneric struct {
Underlying *discordgo.Channel
func dynamicUnmarshal(text string) ([][]interface{}, error) {
var data [][]json.RawMessage
if err := json.Unmarshal(text, &data); err != nil {
return nil, err
result := make([][]interface{}, len(data))
for i, _ := range result {
result[i] = make([]interface{}, len(data[i]))