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Writing Code

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Writing Code
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Last active October 24, 2023 16:09
How to apply a Diff to blender

A git diff shows the changes between two files. By extendtion, a patch is a diff with more contextual information (file line numbers, etc.). We can use git patches to easily apply changes to Blender (for testing, review, etc).

Getting a patch

From a Pull request, under the "Files Changed" tab, on the right hand side, you'll see a "diff options" menu:


From there, you can either download a diff or a patch. Tip: It's name the diff/patch the PR number, it's a good idea to rename it to something meaningful.

rupsis /
Last active November 26, 2022 23:00
OSX VS code Blender Setup

Building / Debugging Blender

Building blender for OSX

At the moment, I use VS code to build / debug blender. This video is great to get started on the internals of blender.

VS code task.json: