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Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am russellballestrini on github.
  • I am russellbal ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASAgpdRTP4uDKmokgkNTTJyZcGRM9zecQ_CT79SejupRwAo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

from collections import (
g = OrderedDict()
g["root"] = ["a", "b", "c"]
g["a"] = ["e","f","g"]
*** Starting uWSGI (64bit) on [Tue Oct 13 16:22:12 2020] ***
*** Starting uWSGI (64bit) on [Tue Oct 13 16:22:12 2020] ***
compiled with version: 8.3.0 on 13 October 2020 15:53:38
os: Linux-4.14.193-149.317.amzn2.x86_64 #1 SMP Thu Sep 3 19:04:44 UTC 2020
nodename: ip-10-100-9-21.ec2.internal
machine: x86_64
clock source: unix
detected number of CPU cores: 2
current working directory: /app
detected binary path: /usr/local/bin/uwsgi
russellballestrini / sts2env
Last active August 2, 2022 14:37
Configure your shell with temporary AWS environment variables from
#!/usr/bin/env python
How to use:
eval $(eval "aws sts assume-role --role-arn arn:aws:iam::0123456789:role/the-role-name --role-session-name my-aws-prod | ./sts2env")
Then run `env` and you should see the environment vars in your shell.
russellballestrini / gist:b1d17d8832859fbba8623c03069e61c2
Created January 16, 2024 16:16
error installing unsloth in python virtualenv
(env-unsloth) fox@ai:~$ pip install "unsloth[cu121_ampere] @ git+"
Collecting unsloth[cu121_ampere]@ git+
Cloning to /tmp/pip-install-1v7p_k83/unsloth_c0bb12f6e08849a6afa66cb8e700f678
Running command git clone --filter=blob:none --quiet /tmp/pip-install-1v7p_k83/unsloth_c0bb12f6e08849a6afa66cb8e700f678
Resolved to commit c1ac4d2707574868767345e76ebe49c8353f9057
Installing build dependencies ... done
Getting requirements to build wheel ... done
Installing backend dependencies ... done
Preparing metadata (pyproject.toml) ... done
Collecting bitsandbytes (from unsloth[cu121_ampere]@ git+