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ruzickap /
Last active Jan 6, 2018
OpenWrt Transmission
opkg install transmission-remote transmission-web
mkdir -p /data/torrents/torrents-completed /data/torrents/torrents-incomplete /data/torrents/torrents /data/torrents/config
uci set transmission.@transmission[-1].enabled=1
uci set transmission.@transmission[-1].config_dir=/data/torrents/config
uci set transmission.@transmission[-1].download_dir=/data/torrents/torrents-completed
uci set transmission.@transmission[-1].incomplete_dir_enabled=true
uci set transmission.@transmission[-1].incomplete_dir=/data/torrents/torrents-incomplete
uci set transmission.@transmission[-1].blocklist_enabled=1
ruzickap /
Last active Apr 11, 2019
OpenWrt DHCP modifications
uci set dhcp.lan.start=200
uci set dhcp.lan.limit=54
uci set dhcp.@dnsmasq[0]
uci set dhcp.@dnsmasq[0].leasefile=/etc/dnsmasq-dhcp.leases
#Send email for new connections:
echo "dhcp-script=/etc/" >> /etc/dnsmasq.conf
cat > /etc/ << \EOF
opkg install luci-app-watchcat
uci set system.@watchcat[0].period=1h
/etc/init.d/watchcat enable
ruzickap /
Last active Oct 19, 2016
OpenWrt fstab - create and mount external USB stick
mkdir /data
mkfs.ext4 -L data /dev/mmcblk0p1
uci add fstab mount
uci set fstab.@mount[-1].device=/dev/mmcblk0p1
uci set fstab.@mount[-1].target=/data
uci set fstab.@mount[-1].fstype=ext4
uci set fstab.@mount[-1].options=rw,sync,noatime,nodiratime
uci set fstab.@mount[-1].enabled=1
ruzickap /
Created Apr 6, 2014
OpenWrt WiFi configuration tweaks
uci set
uci set wireless.radio0.htmode=HT40-
uci set wireless.radio0.noscan=1
uci set wireless.radio0.bursting=1
uci set wireless.radio0.ff=1
uci set wireless.radio0.compression=1
uci set wireless.radio0.xr=1
uci set
uci set wireless.radio0.txpower=20
ruzickap /
Created Apr 7, 2014
OpenWrt vnStat configuration
opkg install luci-app-vnstat vnstati
mkdir /etc/vnstat /www3/myadmin/vnstat
sed -i 's@^\(DatabaseDir\).*@\1 "/etc/vnstat"@' /etc/vnstat.conf
vnstat -u -i eth2
vnstat -u -i wlan0
vnstat -u -i br-lan
echo "*/5 * * * * vnstat -u" >> /etc/crontabs/root
ruzickap /
Last active Feb 1, 2016
OpenWrt system configuration including MidnightCommander, screen and ssmtp
opkg install bash bind-dig diffutils digitemp dstat file htop kmod-usb-serial-pl2303 less lftp lsof mc mtr nmap rsync screen ssmtp sudo tcpdump
#File highlighting in "mc"
mkdir -p /usr/lib/mc/extfs.d
touch /etc/mc/sfs.ini
wget --no-check-certificate -O /etc/mc/filehighlight.ini
#Favorite "mc" settings
mkdir -p /etc/skel/.mc/
ruzickap /
Last active Mar 5, 2019
OpenWrt Lighttpd modification to use https and serve transmission, foris, and personal web pages
opkg install lighttpd-mod-proxy
#See the for main "myadmin" page
mkdir -p /www3/myadmin/transmission-web
mkdir -p /www3/myadmin/luci
cp /etc/foris/foris-lighttpd-inc.conf /etc/foris/foris-lighttpd-inc.conf.orig
cp /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf.orig
#Let foris "listen" only on
#sed -i "s@\$HTTP\[\"url\"\] !~ \"\^/static\" {.*@\$HTTP\[\"host\"\] == \"192\\.168\\.1\\.1\" {@" /etc/foris/foris-lighttpd-inc.conf
ruzickap /
Created Apr 11, 2014
OpenWrt Rainbow - set led colors
uci set rainbow.wifi=led
uci set rainbow.@led[-1].color=blue
uci set rainbow.@led[-1].status=auto
uci set rainbow.pwr=led
uci set rainbow.@led[-1].color=red
uci set rainbow.@led[-1].status=auto
uci set rainbow.lan=led
uci set rainbow.@led[-1].color=green
ruzickap /
Created Apr 13, 2014
OpenWrt system and firewall changes
#Configure ssh key autologin:
ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa root@
uci set system.@system[0].hostname=gate
uci add_list sshd.@openssh[0].Port=2222
uci add firewall rule
uci set firewall.@rule[-1].name=ssh
uci set firewall.@rule[-1].src=wan
uci set firewall.@rule[-1].target=ACCEPT
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