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rwmpelstilzchen / .muttrc
Last active December 18, 2015 14:19
Place a new emailed static Jekyll comment ( A. Put somewhere B. Add that line to your .muttrc file C. Make the magic happen by pressing ,c in mutt. This is not minimalist nor elegant, but it works…
macro index,pager ,c "<pipe-message>/path/to/<return>" "post Jekyll static comment"
rwmpelstilzchen / test.tex
Created June 17, 2013 18:23
A test for tricky aspects of Hebrew font design (see
\fontspec[Script=Hebrew]{#1}#2: &
\fontspec[Script=Hebrew]{#1}בִּשְׁמוֹת פר׳ י״ג פס׳ י״ב נִכְתַּב: &
\fontspec[Script=Hebrew]{#1}„[…] בֶּעָשֹׂר [‚בעשׂור’ בִּכְתִיב מָלֵא] לַחֹדֶשׁ הַזֶּה […]”. &