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Ryan Mathews ryanjm

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ryanjm / gist:307996
Created Feb 18, 2010
Installing Nokogiri
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I had an issue with getting nokogiri working with various gems and plugins, such as
bundler. This is the steps I took to get it working. I've used macports on this
machine and I uninstalled it a few days, trying to use homebrew.
Uninstall all previous versions of nokogiri
If you're using brew then make sure you have libxml2 installed
brew install libxml2
Then create a sim link
ryanjm / Extra info
Created Feb 24, 2010
Issues with bad interpreter
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Something else I found helpful along the way (as I had old stuff installed):
gem uninstall --install-dir /System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/1.8/usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8 rails
ryanjm / SSH Password
Created Feb 26, 2010
Shortcut for accessing ssh
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I set up my ssh such that I don't have to put in the password every time and that I have a shortcut to get to the remote machine.
In this case I'm logging into a school computer named csil. So I made an alias:
alias csil='ssh csil'
This calls on ~/.ssh/config which looks like this:
Host csil
User username
ryanjm / Setting up Linux
Created Feb 27, 2010
Simply customizing shell
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I wanted to customize the linux box I have to log into.
First I changed my zsh profile:
In my .zshrc file:
PROMPT="[csil]%~%# "
In order to get zsh to load by default I found out which shell it was running:
echo $SHELL
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After do |scenario|
if scenario.failed? && scenario.exception.is_a?(Webrat::NotFoundError)
View .gitignore for XCode project
# Mac OS X Finder and whatnot
# Sparkle distribution Private Key (Don't check me in!)
ryanjm / New Mac setup
Created Feb 26, 2011
Things to do / install when getting a new mac
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Set your password
Put in Apple Account
Setup Mail
Mac Software Updates
Evernote - app store
Alfred - app store
- Change spotlight shortcut and set command+space as alfred
Setup caps lock to be control
Caffeine - lighthead - app store
ryanjm / Rails CMS alternatives
Created Jun 13, 2011 — forked from ffmike/Rails CMS alternatives
List of Rails CMS software
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Rails CMS alternatives
I've updated this as of 6/14/11. Looking at only active projects
Active projects:
View campaign.html.erb
<section id="new_subscriber">
<div class="payment-errors"> </div>
<%= form_for @subscriber, :url => campaign_subscribers_path(@campaign) do |f| %>
<%= f.hidden_field :campaign_id, :value => %>
<%= f.fields_for :stripe_customer do |s| %>
<%= s.hidden_field :stripe_token %>
<% end %>
ryanjm / gist:1294487
Created Oct 18, 2011
Error generating files for Octopress
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~/code/ryanjm[source]% rake generate
## Generating Site with Jekyll
unchanged sass/screen.scss
Configuration from /Users/RyanJM/code/ryanjm/_config.yml
/Users/RyanJM/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p180/gems/ffi-1.0.9/lib/ffi_c.bundle: [BUG] unknown type 0x22 (0xc given)
ruby 1.9.2p180 (2011-02-18 revision 30909) [x86_64-darwin10.7.0]
-- control frame ----------
c:0038 p:---- s:0120 b:0120 l:000119 d:000119 CFUNC :initialize
c:0037 p:-541620956 s:0118 b:0118 l:000117 d:000117 TOP
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