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Last active October 21, 2022 15:24
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Oh My Zsh Git Commands
Alias Command Description
ga <file> git add Add file to index
gaa git add --all Add all files to index
gb git branch See all branches
gcm git checkout master Checkout master branch
gcd git checkout develop Checkout develop branch
gco git checkout <branch> Checkout specified branch
gcb git checkout -b <branch> Create specified branch
gc git commit --verbose Commit and review changes
gc! git commit --verbose --amend Amend last commit
gcam <message> git commit --all --message Commit all files w/ message
gd git diff See file differences
gf git fetch Fetch changes from remote repo
glg git log --stat See log w/ file changes
ggl git pull origin Pull from origin
ggp git push origin Push to origin
gst git status See status


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