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conda create --name py2 python=2.7
conda activate py2
conda create --name py3 python=3.5
$ sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-catkin python-catkin-tools
virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 segmappyenv
source segmappyenv/bin/activate
npm install -g @angular/cli
ng --version //tells you if ng is properly installed
ng new <name of the project> //creates new project
ng serve --open //opens it in the browser
ng generate component/NodeGraphs //creates a new folder called NodeGraphs in Angular
This is an example, do not try to run this
catkin_create_pkg <package_name> [depend1] [depend2] [depend3]
sachinkmohan /
Last active March 3, 2022 13:21
Incorrect shape after inference in TF and TensorRT
import tensorflow as tf
from tensorflow.keras.optimizers import Adam
from tensorflow.keras.models import load_model
from keras_loss_function.keras_ssd_loss_tf2 import SSDLoss # added for TF2.0
from keras_layers.keras_layer_AnchorBoxes import AnchorBoxes
from ssd_encoder_decoder.ssd_output_decoder import decode_detections, decode_detections_fast
## imports used for pruning
import tensorflow_model_optimization as tfmot
import numpy as np
import cv2
sachinkmohan /
Created March 18, 2022 10:50
Make error in TensorRT x86 build
mohan@user:~/git/thesis/TensorRT/build$ colormake -j$(nproc)
[  1%] Creating directories for 'third_party.protobuf'
[  1%] Performing download step (download, verify and extract) for 'third_party.protobuf'
-- Downloading...
   inactivity timeout='none'
-- Using src=''
[  2%] Building CXX object plugin/CMakeFiles/nvinfer_plugin_static.dir/batchTilePlugin/batchTilePlugin.cpp.o