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wrangling code

Sam Deane samdeane

wrangling code
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anandabits / HKT.swift
Last active Sep 29, 2020
Emulating HKT in Swift
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// This example shows how higher-kinded types can be emulated in Swift today.
// It acheives correct typing at the cost of some boilerplate, manual lifting and an existential representation.
// The technique below was directly inspired by the paper Lightweight Higher-Kinded Polymorphism
// by Jeremy Yallop and Leo White found at
/// `ConstructorTag` represents a type constructor.
/// `Argument` represents an argument to the type constructor.
struct Apply<ConstructorTag, Argument> {
/// An existential containing a value of `Constructor<Argument>`
/// Where `Constructor` is the type constructor represented by `ConstructorTag`
openfirmware /
Created Nov 7, 2018
QEMU with Mac OS 9 guest *and working audio*

QEMU Mac OS 9 Instructions

Here is a short guide on how to build QEMU to run Mac OS 9 with working audio. These instructions work for MacOS High Sierra as the host OS, although with some tweaking they may run under Linux/Windows. You should be comfortable compiling software from source before attempting.

Clone QEMU fork

Adapted from instructions from Cat_7

You may need to install XCode and/or the XCode command line tools. If you do not have them, then this process may prompt you to install them (MacOS will do that).

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