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Sam Goldman samwgoldman

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samwgoldman / gist:3831925
Created Oct 4, 2012
gary bernhardt challenge
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x = "some file name.with dots.html.markdown"
x.split(".").reverse.inject([x, []]) do |(file, exts), part|
if part =~ /\s/ || part == file
break [file, exts]
[file.chomp(".#{part}"), exts.push(part)]
View gist:3741978
var http = require("http");
var port = process.env.PORT || 8000;
var listeners = [];
function server(request, response) {
switch (request.method) {
case "GET":
listen(request, response);
samwgoldman / backtrace.txt
Created Sep 14, 2012
IO.popen on jruby issue?
View backtrace.txt
1) HTTPSpec::Clients::CGI issues requests to the app
69 Failure/Error: Unable to find matching line from backtrace
70 Java::JavaLang::NullPointerException:
71 # org.jruby.util.ShellLauncher.getCurrentEnv(
72 # org.jruby.util.ShellLauncher.popenShared(
73 # org.jruby.util.ShellLauncher.popenShared(
74 # org.jruby.util.ShellLauncher.popen(
75 # org.jruby.RubyIO.popen19(
76 # org.jruby.RubyIO$s$0$1$$s$0$1$popen19.gen:65535)
77 #
samwgoldman / capybara_reset_spec.rb
Created Jun 27, 2012
Capybara session reset issue
View capybara_reset_spec.rb
require "rack"
require "capybara/rspec"
App = do
map "/" do
run proc { |env|
request =
response =
if request.cookies["logged_in"]
response.write "Logged in!"
samwgoldman / facebook_test_user.rb
Created Jun 20, 2012
Easily create test users for facebook
View facebook_test_user.rb
require "httparty"
class FacebookTestUser
include HTTParty
base_uri ""
attr_reader :email, :password
def initialize(options)
@email = options["email"]
samwgoldman / html_builder_example.rb
Created May 23, 2012
Using smartlogic/html_builder
View html_builder_example.rb
require "html"
require "html/list"
require "html/map"
module HTML
class Article <
def to_html do |article|
tag(:article, tag(:h2, article.title) + map(:section, article.sections), id:
samwgoldman / test.rb
Created Apr 27, 2012
webmachine-ruby chunked response with rack adapter streaming
View test.rb
require "webmachine"
require "webmachine/adapters/rack"
class TestResource < Webmachine::Resource
def to_html
parts = %w{Hello, World!} do
parts.each do |part|
Fiber.yield part
sleep 0.5
samwgoldman / $stdout
Created Feb 18, 2012
activerecord bug?
View $stdout
active record
role built from a context
should eq #<Context id: 1, type: nil>
role built from a role through context
should eq #<Context id: 2, type: nil> (FAILED - 1)
student built from a program
should eq #<Program id: 3, type: "Program">
View gist:1853955
class Tests
extend Process
def self.passing?
fork do
require "rspec/autorun"
Dir["spec/**/*_spec.rb"].each do |spec|
require_relative spec
samwgoldman / gist:1777846
Created Feb 9, 2012
Helpful macros for rspec controller specs
View gist:1777846
module RackTestHelpers
extend ActiveSupport::Concern
module ClassMethods
def self.define_action(action)
define_method action do |*args, &block|
options = args.extract_options!
options[:http_method] = action
options[:controller_method] = args[0]
args[0] = [action.to_s.upcase, "#" + options[:controller_method].to_s].join(" ")
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