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Upgrading from Radiant 0.9.1 to a 1.0 version
  1. Edit config/boot.rb to add this after the RAILS_ROOT definition:

    require 'thread'
    require 'rubygems'
    require 'bundler'
      # Set up load paths for all bundled gems
      ENV["BUNDLE_GEMFILE"] = File.expand_path("../../Gemfile", __FILE__)
    rescue Bundler::GemNotFound
      raise RuntimeError, "Bundler couldn't find some gems." +
        "Did you run `bundle install`?"
  2. Open config/environment.rb and add the following:

    config.after_initialize do # ... existing stuff...

    require 'will_paginate'


  3. run "gem install bundler"

  4. run "bundle init"

  5. Copy dependencies from your environment.rb file to the Gemfile. For example:

    # A sample Gemfile
    source ""
    gem 'will_paginate', '2.3.14'
    # If you make any changes in this file, please run `bundle install`.
    # If new versions of your installed gems are available, run `bundle update`
    gem "radiant", "~> 0.9.1"
    # alternatively, in development
    # gem "radiant", :path => "/path/to/radiant/root"
    # SQLite is the default database connection but only suitable for local use
    # gem "sqlite3", "~> 1.3.4"
    # To use MySQL
    # gem "mysql", "~> 2.8.1"
    # Postgres
    # postgresql' %>gem "pg", "~> 0.11.0"
    # IBM DB2
    # gem "db2", "~> 2.6.2"
    # SQL Server
    # gem "tiny_tds"
    # gem "activerecord-sqlserver-adapter", "~> 3.1.0"
    # Language packs
    # gem "radiant-dutch_language_pack-extension",    "~> 1.0.0"
    # gem "radiant-french_language_pack-extension",   "~> 1.0.0"
    # gem "radiant-german_language_pack-extension",   "~> 1.0.0"
    # gem "radiant-italian_language_pack-extension",  "~> 1.0.0"
    # gem "radiant-japanese_language_pack-extension", "~> 1.0.0"
    # gem "radiant-russian_language_pack-extension",  "~> 1.0.0"
    # A standard gem extension
    # gem "radiant-example-extension", :version => "~> 1.0.0"
    # Your own forked extension
    # gem "radiant-modified-extension", :git => "git://"
    # A local extension in development
    # gem "radiant-new-extension", :path => "/path/to/extension/root"
    # Gems you would like to have in your development environment
    # group :development do
    #   gem "wirble"
    # end
    # If you're running tests or specs
    # group :test do
    #   gem "cucumber-rails",   "~> 0.3.2"
    #   gem "database_cleaner", "~> 0.6.5"
    #   gem "webrat",           "~> 0.7.3"
    #   gem "rspec-rails",      "~> 1.3.3"
    #   gem "sqlite3",          "~> 1.3.4"
    #   gem "ZenTest",          "4.6.0"
    # end
  6. Run "bundle install"

  7. Run "bundle exec script/server"

Now you should be running Radiant 0.9.1 with bundler.

  1. Edit your Gemfile to specify a newer Radiant version

    gem "radiant", "1.0.0.rc4"
  2. run "bundle install"

  3. run "bundle exec rake radiant:update"

  4. Make any alterations to your Gemfile and run "bundle install"

  5. Run "bundle exec rake db:migrate"

  6. Update your asset management

    • If you have page_attachments extension
      • Move vendor/extensions/page_attachments to vendor/disabled/page_attachments (or remove it entirely)
      • Run "bundle exec rake radiant:extensions:clipped:migrate_from_page_attachments"
    • If you have the assets extension
      • Move vendor/extensions/assets to vendor/disabled/assets (or remove it entirely)
      • Run "bundle exec rake radiant:extensions:clipped:migrate_from_assets"
    • If you want to keep your existing asset manager
      • Add to config/environment.rb config.ignore_extensions [:clipped]
  7. Update your JS and CSS management

    • If you have the sns extension
      • Move vendor/extension/sns to vendor/disabled/sns (or remove it entirely)
      • Run "bundle exec rake radiant:extensions:sheets:import:sns"
    • If you want to keep sns
      • Add to config/environment.rb config.ignore_extensions [:sheets]
  8. Run "bundle exec script/server"

You should now be running on the latest version of Radiant


Does radiant work with ruby 1.9.x?


@cayblood. yes, it should. we have 1 bug to work out, but we're testing on travis for 1.9!/radiant/radiant/jobs/607842


This works fine with 1.9.2 (haven't tried 1.9.3) but needed script/server updated where:

require File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/../config/boot'

should be changed to

require File.expand_path('../../config/boot', __FILE__)

Other than that I think this was pretty much spot on.


Thanks @jayroh!


Struggling to upgrade an older Web site, this looks very useful. But I'm getting an error after "bundle exec rake radiant:update", I see: "cannot load such file -- rake/gempackagetask"

Do I need to downgrade rake? It's currently 10.0.2. Thanks again.


Answering my own question here, yes, downgrading fixed that.

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