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Sascha Brink sbrink

  • Panama City / Panama
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suprememoocow / intercept.js
Created May 29, 2012
AJAX timing interceptor: this class intercepts all AJAX calls and records the time taken for the HTTP request to complete. These timings are posted back to the server in batches, if there are any to send, about every two seconds. Tested in Firefox, Chrome
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(function(XHR) {
"use strict";
var stats = [];
var timeoutId = null;
var open =;
var send = XHR.prototype.send;

Applications of Cognitive Theory in Data Modeling and Software Design

Written as both a refresher course on the mechanics of cognition in human psychology, and as the beginning of a working theory, wherein one might make some deductions from human psychology to broadly advance/improve the design of server software and data models for the industry en masse.

c. Mike McNeil, 2013-2014 All Rights Reserved.

What's the point of this? I think psychology will inevetiably instruct the future of software design, in the same way neurobiology is beginning to impact the hardware engineering industry.

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1.) Aktuelle Version von Chrome installieren
Installer kann heruntergeladen werden unter:
2.) Chrome Erweiterung “Batarang” aus dem Chrome Web Store installieren
Die Erweiterung kann über den Chrome Web Store installiert werden:
3.) Aktuelle Version von Node.js und NPM installieren
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budparr / jekyll-group_by-example.liquid
Last active Jan 28, 2021
Example Jekyll group_by filter #jekyllrb
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{% comment %}
items is a collection, though I think it coule be any content type
{% endcomment %}
{% comment %} Create the group. {% endcomment %}
{% assign items_grouped = site.items | group_by: 'category' | sort: 'name' | reverse %}
{% comment %}
The above returns, for example, which is why we sort by 'name'
{"name"=>"category1_value", "items"=>[#, #, #, #, #]}{"name"=>"category2_value", "items"=>[#, #, #, #]}
{% endcomment %}
ks2211 / Phoenix esbuild with Tailwind and Fontawesome
Last active Oct 19, 2021
Phoenix with esbuild, fortawesome, and tailwindcss
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Phoenix esbuild with Tailwind+Fontawesome