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Scott W. Bradley scottwb

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I hereby claim:

  • I am scottwb on github.
  • I am scottwb ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASDC8tX5gl6bMMaEnHY4UeW1PDECJCiF7S2vqTuQLWSt7wo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

scottwb /
Created April 13, 2015 14:37
Wrapper script for
# Put somewhere in your $PATH and call the file `emacs`
/Applications/ $1 $2 $3 1>&2 > /dev/null &
scottwb / haml_monkey_patch.rb
Created April 19, 2014 03:08
Workaround for Haml issue #645
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# This is a workaround for the Haml bug:
module Haml
module Filters
class SassRailsTemplate
def render(, locals={}, &block)
scope =
scottwb / mysql_cookbook.diff
Created January 29, 2014 22:09
The Chef Community MySQL cookbook does not allow a mysql server with no root password when using chef-solo. That's how I like it for easy test VMs, so I made these change to it. Consider this an obvious change. Take it as you please. YMMV.
View mysql_cookbook.diff
diff --git a/cookbooks/mysql/libraries/helpers.rb b/cookbooks/mysql/libraries/he
index c850233..1a5d99c 100644
--- a/cookbooks/mysql/libraries/helpers.rb
+++ b/cookbooks/mysql/libraries/helpers.rb
@@ -30,15 +30,18 @@ module Opscode
def assign_root_password_cmd
+ return nil unless node['mysql']['server_root_password']
str = '/usr/bin/mysqladmin'
scottwb / pear.rb.diff
Created January 29, 2014 16:41
Illustrates bug (and fix) in the `php` community cookbook's `pear` provider from that occurs when upgrading packages when there is not detectable version to upgrade to. Free for anyone with a CLA to take and contribute! :)
View pear.rb.diff
diff --git a/cookbooks/php/providers/pear.rb b/cookbooks/php/providers/pear.rb
index db90e17..0172fca 100644
--- a/cookbooks/php/providers/pear.rb
+++ b/cookbooks/php/providers/pear.rb
@@ -155,7 +155,8 @@ def upgrade_package(name, version)
command = "echo \"\r\" | #{@bin} -d"
command << " preferred_state=#{can_haz(@new_resource, "preferred_state")}"
command << " upgrade -a#{expand_options(@new_resource.options)}"
- command << " #{prefix_channel(can_haz(@new_resource, "channel"))}#{name}-#{version}"
+ command << " #{prefix_channel(can_haz(@new_resource, "channel"))}#{name}"
scottwb / pear.rb.diff
Last active January 3, 2016 20:09
Illustrates bug (and fix) in the php::module_apc cookbook from that occurs on centos.
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diff --git a/cookbooks/php/providers/pear.rb b/cookbooks/php/providers/pear.rb
index ca473b5..db90e17 100644
--- a/cookbooks/php/providers/pear.rb
+++ b/cookbooks/php/providers/pear.rb
@@ -258,13 +258,13 @@ def pecl?
@pecl ||= begin
# search as a pear first since most 3rd party channels will report pears as pecls!
search_cmd = "#{node['php']['pear']} -d"
- search_cmd << " preferred_state=#{can_haz(@new_resource, preferred_state)}"
+ search_cmd << " preferred_state=#{can_haz(@new_resource, "preferred_state")}"
scottwb / idle.js
Last active January 2, 2016 13:19
A javascript function banks can use to determine if they should log out a user session for being idle.
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function shouldLogOutIdleSession() {
return false;
View dynamic_ripple_finders.rb
# Don't you feel like doing something like this when you use Ripple?
# Obviously there's more to it than this mockup, but man this would
# be nice, wouldn't it?
module Ripple
class Document
def self.method_missing(method, args)
if method.to_s =~ /^find_by_(.*)$/
return find_by_index($1.to_sym, *args)
View bootstrap-windows.rb
require 'socket'
# AWS API Credentials
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID = "your-aws-access-key-id"
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY = "your-aws-secret-access-key"
# Node details
View devise.rb
# Generate a token by looping and ensuring does not already exist.
def generate_token(column)
loop do
token = Devise.friendly_token
break token unless to_adapter.find_first({ column => token })