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Sonkeng sdmg15

C++ ❤️
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sdmg15 / tinyblockchain-cli.php
Created December 29, 2017 04:46 — forked from vgrovestine/tinyblockchain-cli.php
Dirt simple blockchain implemented in PHP
class Block {
private $ts;
private $nonce = 0;
private $data;
private $prev_hash;
protected $hash;
private $hash_algorithm;
private $hash_prefix;
// A helper function to determine the data model of the current platform
[[nodiscard]] constexpr const char* dataModelPlatform() {
if constexpr (sizeof(int) == 2 && sizeof(long int) == 8) {
if (sizeof(int*) == 2) {
return "ILP32";
return "LLP64";
#include <iostream>
#include <utility>
#include <tuple>
template<typename T>
void printWithSpace(T v) {
std::cout << v << " ";
syntax = "proto3";
package FIX;
import "executionreport.proto";
message NewOrderSingle {
string ClOrdID = 1;
string Instrument = 2;

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sdmg15 / gist:fa6f6b3f69117e363bc7a15f8b88cc4a
Created July 19, 2019 17:21 — forked from bessarabov/gist:674ea13c77fc8128f24b5e3f53b7f094
One-liner to generate data shown in post 'At what time of day does famous programmers work?' —
git log --author="Linus Torvalds" --date=iso | perl -nalE 'if (/^Date:\s+[\d-]{10}\s(\d{2})/) { say $1+0 }' | sort | uniq -c|perl -MList::Util=max -nalE '$h{$F[1]} = $F[0]; }{ $m = max values %h; foreach (0..23) { $h{$_} = 0 if not exists $h{$_} } foreach (sort {$a <=> $b } keys %h) { say sprintf "%02d - %4d %s", $_, $h{$_}, "*"x ($h{$_} / $m * 50); }'
sdmg15 /
Created May 23, 2019 17:42
Libraries and resources made by Cameroonians

A list of libraries and resources made by Cameroonians

CLI utils

sdmg15 /
Created May 13, 2019 20:01 — forked from mbinna/
Effective Modern CMake

Effective Modern CMake

Getting Started

For a brief user-level introduction to CMake, watch C++ Weekly, Episode 78, Intro to CMake by Jason Turner. LLVM’s CMake Primer provides a good high-level introduction to the CMake syntax. Go read it now.

After that, watch Mathieu Ropert’s CppCon 2017 talk Using Modern CMake Patterns to Enforce a Good Modular Design (slides). It provides a thorough explanation of what modern CMake is and why it is so much better than “old school” CMake. The modular design ideas in this talk are based on the book [Large-Scale C++ Software Design](

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sdmg15 / attributes.rb
Created April 22, 2019 09:34 — forked from lizthegrey/attributes.rb
Hardening SSH with 2fa
default['sshd']['sshd_config']['AuthenticationMethods'] = 'publickey,keyboard-interactive:pam'
default['sshd']['sshd_config']['ChallengeResponseAuthentication'] = 'yes'
default['sshd']['sshd_config']['PasswordAuthentication'] = 'no'