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Erik Berlin sferik

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# This script is an adaptation from
# It expects stdin input from mysqldump with the following params:
# mysqldump --skip-extended-insert --add-drop-table --compatible=ansi --skip-add-locks --skip-comments --skip-disable-keys --skip-set-charset
# Note: Don't use --skip-quote-names as this script expects quoted names
# Note: This script imports boolean values as they are stored in Mysql, e.g., as the integers 0 and 1.
# As a result, boolean fields need to be further normalized after this transform step
# such that false field values are 'f' and true field values are 't', which is
sferik / gist:269793
Created Jan 5, 2010 — forked from carllerche/gist:177377 is slow
View gist:269793
require "rubygems"
require "rbench"
def noop
end do
column :one, :title => "Unthreaded"
column :two, :title => "Threaded"
View 1_class_refactored_solution.rb
def valid?(card_number)
digits = card_number
.map { |number| number.to_i }
numbers = []
digits.each_with_index do |digit, index|
if index.even?
numbers << digit * 2
View gist:572069
$ rake test_mysql
(in /Users/erik/projects/rails/activerecord)
/opt/local/bin/ruby -I"lib:test:test/connections/native_mysql" "/opt/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rake-0.8.7/lib/rake/rake_test_loader.rb" "test/cases/aaa_create_tables_test.rb" "test/cases/active_schema_test_mysql.rb" "test/cases/adapter_test.rb" "test/cases/aggregations_test.rb" "test/cases/ar_schema_test.rb" "test/cases/associations/belongs_to_associations_test.rb" "test/cases/associations/callbacks_test.rb" "test/cases/associations/cascaded_eager_loading_test.rb" "test/cases/associations/eager_load_includes_full_sti_class_test.rb" "test/cases/associations/eager_load_nested_include_test.rb" "test/cases/associations/eager_singularization_test.rb" "test/cases/associations/eager_test.rb" "test/cases/associations/extension_test.rb" "test/cases/associations/habtm_join_table_test.rb" "test/cases/associations/has_and_belongs_to_many_associations_test.rb" "test/cases/associations/has_many_associations_test.rb" "test/cases/associations/has_many_through_
sferik / twitter_ssl_bench.rb
Created Oct 28, 2010
Twitter API SSL Benchmarks
View twitter_ssl_bench.rb
require 'rubygems'
require 'rbench'
require 'twitter'
class Bench
def self.setup
Twitter.configure do |config|
config.consumer_key = CONSUMER_KEY
config.consumer_secret = CONSUMER_SECRET
config.oauth_token = OAUTH_TOKEN
View strip_from_name.rb
require 'fileutils'
require 'find'
usage_args = ['--usage', '--help', '-u', '-h']
if ARGV.length.eql? 0 or ARGV.length.eql? 1 and usage_args.include? ARGV[0]
puts "Usage: #{__FILE__} string_to_strip [directory]"
exit 0
sferik / gist:747003
Created Dec 19, 2010
String Benchmarks
View gist:747003
require "rubygems"
require "rbench"
def single_quoted_string
'aaa' + 'bbb'
def double_quoted_string
"aaa" + "bbb"
View twitter_user_timeline_search.rb
require 'twitter'
user = "sferik"
query = /rimm/i
(1..16).each do |page|
Twitter.user_timeline(user, :page => page, :count => 200).each do |tweet|
puts + ": " + tweet.text if query.match(tweet.text)
function for_each_ruby {
for ruby in `rvm list strings`
echo "rvm use $ruby; $1;"
default_gems=`cat ~/.rvm/gemsets/default.gems | tr '\n' ' '`
alias install_default_gems=`for_each_ruby "yes | gem install $default_gems"`
alias update_all_gems=`for_each_ruby "yes | gem update; yes | gem cleanup"`
View statuses_controller.rb
class StatusesController < ApplicationController
before_filter :authenticate
def create
@tweet = Twitter.update(params[:text])
def authenticate
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