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Sasha Gerrand sgerrand

Manual controls
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rage-quit support for bash


Put flip somewhere in your $PATH and chmod a+x it.

Copy fuck into ~/.bashrc.

sgerrand / gist:1636174
Created Jan 18, 2012
Testing native PHP usort and strcasecmp functions
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php > $test = range('A', 'z');
php > var_dump($test);
array(58) {
string(1) "A"
string(1) "B"
string(1) "C"
sgerrand / vundle.vim
Last active Oct 1, 2015
Vundle configuration
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Bundle 'Lokaltog/vim-easymotion'
Bundle 'altercation/vim-colors-solarized'
Bundle 'astashov/vim-ruby-debugger'
Bundle 'bbommarito/vim-slim'
Bundle 'c9s/emoticon.vim'
Bundle 'cakebaker/scss-syntax.vim'
Bundle 'chrisbra/NrrwRgn'
Bundle 'edsono/vim-matchit'
Bundle 'ervandew/supertab'
Bundle 'garbas/vim-snipmate'
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#Newbie programmer
def factorial(x):
if x == 0:
return 1
return x * factorial(x - 1)
print factorial(6)
#First year programmer, studied Pascal
sgerrand / 1.9.3-p327-multilib
Created Nov 15, 2012
Custom brew formula for Ruby v1.9.3-327
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build_package_combined_patch() {
local package_name="$1"
curl | git apply
curl | git apply
curl | git apply
./configure --prefix="$PREFIX_PATH" $CONFIGURE_OPTS
make -j 8
sgerrand / project-euler-problem-91.hs
Created Feb 6, 2013
Haskell based solution to problem #91 ("Right triangles with integer coordinates") in Project Euler:
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reduce x y = (quot x d, quot y d)
where d = gcd x y
right_angle_triangles_in_quadrant n =
3 *n * n + 2 * sum others
others =[min xc yc|
x1 <- [1..n],
y1 <- [1..n],
let (yi,xi) = reduce x1 y1,
  1. Your class can be no longer than 100 lines of code.
  2. Your methods can be no longer than five lines of code.
  3. You can pass no more than four parameters and you can’t just make it one big hash.
  4. When a call comes into your Rails controller, you can only instantiate one object to do whatever it is that needs to be done.

You can break these rules if you can talk your pair into agreeing with you.

curl -O
echo -e "Installing pip..."
sudo python
echo -e "Done."
echo -e "Installing Python packages..."
sudo pip install pytest
sudo pip install selenium
View dead_constants.rb
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
gem "parser", "~> 1.4"
require "parser"
require "parser/ruby19"
require "set"
class ConstantDeclarationAndUseProcessor < Parser::AST::Processor
attr_reader :declared, :used
def initialize