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ASL2.0 Copyright(C) 2016 Fred Grott first part is the clove

public class Clove {

    private static String myClove = null;

    public String setClove(String ourClove){
       return ourClove = myClove;
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ASL2.0 Copyright(C) 2016 Fred Grott
public class NoReflectionLayoutInflaterFactory implements LayoutInflaterFactory {
private AppCompatActivity appCompatActivity;
public NoReflectionLayoutInflaterFactory(AppCompatActivity appCompatActivity) {
this.appCompatActivity = appCompatActivity;
View unhandledexceptions.txt
ASL2.0 Copyright(C) 2016 Fred Grott
public class MyApplication extends Application {
public void onCreate ()
public class DroidUuidFactory {
protected static final String PREFS_FILE = "device_uuid.xml";
protected static final String PREFS_DEVICE_UUID = "device_uuid";
protected volatile static UUID uuid;
public DroidUuidFactory(Context context){
if( uuid ==null ) {
synchronized (DroidUuidFactory.class) {
View buildConfig.gradle
buildConfigField STRING, GIT_HASH, rootProject.ext.gitSha
View deps.gradle
repo ='.'))
gitSha = '${repo.head().abbreviatedId}'
public final class MyExtendedSavingStateProvider extends BaseSavingStateProvider{
private static final MyExtendedBaseSavingSate mySavingState = new MyExtendedBaseSavingState(objectGlobalOne, objectGlobalTwo);
public static MyExtendedBaseSavingState getInstance(){
return mySavingState;
private MyExtendedSavingStateProvider(){
package com.grottworkshop.gwsbase;
import android.os.Bundle;
import java.util.List;
public abstract class BaseSavingState implements BaseSaveable {
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