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shaunlebron /
Last active Sep 29, 2015
Measuring arbitrary times using arbitrary hourglasses
def print_target_moves(aTimeCapacity, bTimeCapacity, targetTime):
Given two hourglasses with respective time capacities,
print out a process for measuring the given target time
without going over that time.
An hour glass can only be flipped when any of them have run out.
TODO: generalize to multiple hour-glasses
moves = []
shaunlebron / river.lp
Created Mar 27, 2012
Carcassonne Contiguous River Generator
View river.lp
% the tile width of the rectangular map
#const width=4.
% piece(number, side, side type [g=grass, w=water, c=city, r=road]).
piece( 1,0,g ;; 1,1,g ;; 1,2,g ;; 1,3,w).
piece( 2,0,g ;; 2,1,g ;; 2,2,g ;; 2,3,w).
piece( 3,0,g ;; 3,1,w ;; 3,2,g ;; 3,3,w).
shaunlebron /
Created May 31, 2012
Iterating Combinations

Iterating Combinations

If you're trying to iterate all combinations of k=5 on n=36, this is how you loop through them.

int k = 5;
int n = 36;
int count = 0;
for (int i1=1; i1 <= n-k+1; i1++)
entries = getListOfTableEntriesSomeWhere()
entryTree = MyTree(entries)
def group_entries(groupclass, entries, keyfunc):
return [groupclass(k,g) for k,g in itertools.groupby(entries,keyfunc)]
key_sys = lambda x: x.sys
key_subsys = lambda x: x.subsys
shaunlebron /
Last active Dec 24, 2015
A GFM bug - displaying code after a list
  • item 1

  • item 2

  • item 3

    // code here

should be equivalent to...

  • item 1
shaunlebron / getSvgFrames.js
Created Dec 11, 2013
Convert SWF animation to SVG frames.
View getSvgFrames.js
You can use this script with Google Swiffy to produce SVG frames from an SWF animation.
1. Upload your SWF file to Google Swiffy -->
2. Save the swiffy output HTML page locally.
3. Edit the page to include this script with <script src="getSvgFrames.js"></script>
4. Open the page in Firefox to see the SVG download links appear for each frame.
var url = window.location.pathname;
shaunlebron / angleLerp.js
Created Feb 5, 2014
The best way to interpolate 2D angles
View angleLerp.js
2D Angle Interpolation (shortest distance)
a0 = start angle
a1 = end angle
t = interpolation factor (0.0=start, 1.0=end)
1. Angles do NOT need to be normalized.
// source:
// sort by first name
people.sort((p1, p2) -> p1.firstName.compareTo(p2.firstName));
// sort by full name
String fullName(Person p) { return p.firstName + " " + p.lastName; }
people.sort((p1, p2) -> fullName(p1).compareTo(fullName(p2)));
shaunlebron / om-string-cursor.cljs
Created Jun 26, 2014
problem with using strings as cursors in Om
View om-string-cursor.cljs
; Suggested in Om Basic Tutorial for making strings work as cursors
(extend-type string
(-clone [s] (js/String. s)))
(extend-type js/String
(-clone [s] (js/String. s))
(-value [s] (str s)))
View app-state.clj
(def initial-app-state
{:page "search"
:market nil
:market-strategies []
:market-filter (default-filter)
:edit-strategy nil})