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u1 @ 06:49 “One of the reasons I wanted to build a house was to hedge the risk of my foreign currency earnings the thing is that I had foreign savings stuck in an HNB account for which I am only getting 197 rupees a dollar. I wanted to have a different source of savings as a capital appreciation.”
u7 @ 07:50 “It was for rent to be honest… my husband was in Qatar before and I’m the one who got the job in Narnia. We were looking for a furnished house because we didn’t have any furniture and we didn’t live in a house before. It was the first time in 2018 that we tried living together so we searched for a house in Narnia a 2 story house and the house was kind of like a luxury place it was used as a villa before and the house was good for us for all those 4 years. The rent was 40,000 but if you calculate 40,000 into these amount of months… we would’ve paid nothing noh? If we paid in instalments for this it would’ve been our asset one day. We aren’t gaining anything for the future. That’s when we thought we’d get a loan and pay this 40,000 for the loan instalment so that amount would go for us. That’s the reason we thought to make this house.”
u7 @ 26:06 “We then thought it was not worth paying 40,000 to these people for nothing, so in November we thought to do a house in a scale we can manage. We calculated what the maximum installment we can pay for the loan and the maximum we can get and that’s when we decided to reach out to a contractor to do it backwards.”
u9 @ 17:08 “I always wanted a house just that we took it slow. To have a house at 30... at least that 12,000 I am saving and whatever I buy for the house is for me, here. Even the bed and I don’t have to think about moving because we can’t stay for rent forever”
u2 @ 02:50 “Because the reason I wanted to do it was when the interest rates started coming down so then when I started depositing its good to the start building because there’s more value for money that was the triggering point”
u2 @ 03:50 “I decided there was no point keeping money in a bank rather to put it into something valuable. At that time the real estate market was going up so definitely it was better use of your money”
u4 @ 03:53 “We wanted to have a place together as well obviously.”
u4 @ 41:25 “We’ve been together for awhile and we very much enjoy each others company. We’ve been wanting it for a very long time but it wasn’t the right timing financially.”
u5 @ 07:13 “When you live with parents there’s certain constraints that’s anyway there. For example if you have to go home at night and come home late its going to disturb them as well. Obviously living by yourself would give more independence and freedom for both parties.”
u7 @ 16:20 “They’re traditional parents, sometimes they might not like what we do I might be at office functions in the night and sometimes my husband goes out. I’m okay with my husband going out and I’m okay when my child does this…it might be that my parents wouldn’t like this. Since we have a distance between them sometimes it gives us freedom. There’s no traditional conflict”
u7 @ 12:29 “After we make this house I will feel like I have achieved what I want and I’d be independent now and like I think a house might be my dream life. My own house, my own vehicle and my own family. I’m educated and I have a good job so all these things come into my satisfaction list.”
u7 @ 30:00 “We went to that one place but in the night we thought you know a factor for building the house is self satisfaction also the option of going with buying a house wouldn’t satisfy that need”
u2 @ 01:26 “It’s just like a dream right? For me there was a date per se. It was on the card. When I was like 22 years old I just wanted to build a house.”
u5 @ 07:46 “When you have your own house you’re free to decide what you want to purchase like what you want in your garden and what furniture you want to have it’s very much easier to have… especially when it comes to ladies they have their own dreams its very easier for them when you’re in full control. When living with parents you don’t have that flexibility to that extent”
u5 @ 08:42 “When you live with your parents even to decide which plants that you want to have. The parents might have another idea. We have certain constraints. When it comes to me I’m okay with anything, I feel she got a lot of flexibility by moving.”
u8 @ 11:29 “I liked this place. I cannot go with another land or another area. My land is a 42 perch land so I have enough here. And the highways, schools and hospitals are close if Im living here [next to his current residence]”
u1 @ 18:06 “To be frank, to host parties whenever you want to otherwise I have to get permission from my dad to bring my friends”
u1 @ 18:36 “Ive had parties before but it’s not as often as my friends who are living in their own homes”
u6 @ 48:37 “We are like a working couple, it’s not like how it was in their generation. My husbands father is a businessmen and the mother was a housewife there was a bit of a clash. We also figured long term it wouldn’t be healthy. We weren’t comfortable.”
u6 @ 2:00 “When we were stuck at home for months, we also figured out it was best to have our own place”
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