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#!/usr/bin/env python
Generate character stats using old school methods.
# I wanted to quickly generate some old school character stats. And I
# wanted to express each method as tersely as possible in python.
# As it turns out, this is pretty simple to do as one-liners, aside
sheagcraig / Apple-HT203987.adf
Last active Aug 29, 2015
SavingThrow ADF's
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<DefinitionAuthor>Shea Craig</DefinitionAuthor>
<!-- Apple provided this list of files, and as such, they're not necessarily broken down neatly into products.-->
<AdwareName>Downlite, VSearch, Conduit, Trovi, MyBrand, Search Protect</AdwareName>
sheagcraig / ZipCloud.adf
Created Mar 31, 2015
ZipCloud Definition File
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# ZipCloud
# ZipCloud Finder services:
/Users/*/Library/Services/Add to Backup Selection.workflow
/Users/*/Library/Services/Instant Backup.workflow
sheagcraig /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Do I have all of my recipes in my AutoPkg -l managed_software_list?
for i in $(basename ~/Developer/jss-recipes/*.jss.recipe | cut -d . -f 1-2); do echo $i; done | cat - ~/Desktop/managed_software_list.txt | sort | uniq -u
sheagcraig / AppleAdwareList
Last active Oct 29, 2016
Apple Identified Adware
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# TODO: handle Safari extensions:
# Amazon Shopping Assistant by Spigot Inc.
# Ebay Shopping Assistant by Spigot Inc.
# Searchme by Spigot, Inc.
# Slick Savings by Spigot Inc.
# GoPhoto.It
# Omnibar
sheagcraig /
Last active Dec 6, 2018
Check for Adware per Apple Kbase article
"""Identify or remove files known to be involved in Adware/Malware
Most of the code applies to building a list of malware files. Thus,
both extension attribute and removal handling are included.
Cleans files as a Casper script policy; thus, it expects four total
arguments, the first three of which it doesn't use, followed by
sheagcraig /
Created Mar 10, 2015
IconUpload Issue with JSS >9.64
import urllib
import requests
# Obviously, our server name is swapped in for "ourjss".
# Policy ID 263 is Self Service policy installing Oracle Java 8 on our
# test server, running JSS v9.65
sheagcraig / handle_voice_products
Created Jan 28, 2015
Down and dirty reposado Voice product cleansing
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"""Down and dirty removal of deprecated voice products and addition of
new voice products for reposado. It makes a few mistakes (products that
have 'voice' in the title that aren't properly a Voice Product.
Don't just go and run this!
import shlex