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shorodilov /
Created December 19, 2023 14:05
The multipliers of the number's digits
This script will ask the user for an integer number and print out its
# collect data
number = int(input("Enter a number: "))
# cast the user's input to a string and print back the multipliers
for power_of_10, multiplier in enumerate(str(number)[::-1]):
shorodilov / assignments_tm.csv
Last active November 16, 2023 02:55
Crowdin translation memories for the Python course assignments
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en uk
Instructions Інструкції
Overview Опис
Additional info Додаткова інформація
Objective Завдання
Instructions Інструкції
Overview Опис
Additional info Додаткова інформація
`DataSet` `DataSet`
`DataEntry` `DataEntry`
shorodilov /
Created October 5, 2023 12:00
Code refactoring demo
Bartender: conditions workflow demo (never-nester)
MENU = ["juice", "beer"] # available drinks list
# The function below serves the user's order.
# It takes a drink name as its argument, and checks user's age if needed.
shorodilov /
Created September 15, 2023 09:26
Movie DB - Assignment

Movie database assignment

Зробити для того, щоб:

  • ініціалізувати БД
  • створити необхідні таблиці
  • заповнити таблиці даними

Допускається використання синтетичних даних.

shorodilov /
Created July 13, 2023 08:10
Happiness Meter Specification

Happiness Meter

The Happiness Application is a Django RestFul application designed to monitor the happiness levels of teams and team members. It allows users to join teams or leave team they are already members. Also, it provides a functionality to report happiness level once per day for each user. These datas are used to gather the statistics on an average happiness level for all teams, per team or per a single user.

Functional requirements

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"model": "auth.user",
"pk": 1,
"fields": {
"password": "pbkdf2_sha256$390000$8FaAgZMidw8EYNIW7xGVSf$Be1pQJb61YVfL9KshcOQSs5y3datSUSiS8iIOeWKi7M=",
"last_login": "2023-08-03T21:58:06.877Z",
"is_superuser": true,
"username": "admin",
"first_name": "",
shorodilov / tasks.csv
Created January 25, 2023 21:01
dummy task data
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shorodilov / pg_local.rst
Last active November 21, 2023 19:13
Deploy local PostgreSQL server from binaries
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Local PostgreSQL server deployment from binaries

This document describes a process of a local PostgreSQL server deployment for development needs.