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from redis import Redis
import simplejson
class Resque(object):
"""Dirt simple Resque client in Python. Can be used to create jobs."""
redis_server = 'localhost:6379'
def __init__(self):
host, port = self.redis_server.split(':')
self.redis = Redis(host=host, port=int(port))
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SELECT 1.0 + SUM((1.0 + #{p} * tunkrank_score) / (1.0 + num_friends)) AS tunkrank_score
FROM twitter_users
INNER JOIN twitter_id_follows ON (twitter_users.twitter_id = twitter_id_follows.follower_twitter_id)
WHERE twitter_id_follows.user_twitter_id = #{twitter_id};
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class TwitterUser
def calculate_tunkrank(p=0.05)
self.followers.inject(0.0) do |sum, follower|
sum + ((1.0 + (p * follower.tunkrank_score)) / (1.0 + follower.num_friends))
sorenmacbeth / gist:827971
Created Feb 15, 2011 — forked from michaelmontano/gist:535794
updated to whirr-0.3.0
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diff -Naur whirr-0.3.0-incubating/contrib/python/src/py/hadoop/cloud/ whirr-0.3.0-incubating-backtype/contrib/python/src/py/hadoop/cloud/
--- whirr-0.3.0-incubating/contrib/python/src/py/hadoop/cloud/ 2011-01-15 23:03:44.000000000 -0800
+++ whirr-0.3.0-incubating-backtype/contrib/python/src/py/hadoop/cloud/ 2011-02-15 11:51:49.000000000 -0800
@@ -296,7 +296,7 @@
opt.get('availability_zone'), opt.get('user_packages'),
opt.get('auto_shutdown'), opt.get('env'),
- opt.get('security_group'))
+ opt.get('security_group'), opt.get('spot_price'))
service.launch_master(template, config_dir, opt.get('client_cidr'))
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(ns gist.globhfs
(:import [cascading.tap GlobHfs]))
;; ### Bucket to Cluster
;;; To get tuples back out of our directory structure on S3, we employ
;; Cascading's [GlobHFS] ( tap, along with an
;; interface tailored for datasets stored in the MODIS sinusoidal
;; projection. For details on the globbing syntax, see
;; [here](
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(defmapop decode-raw-ga [json]
(let [m (clj-json.core/parse-string json true)]
[(:timestamp m)]))
(defn glob-json-data [path]
(let [tap (hfs-textline path)]
(<- [!timestamp]
(tap !line)
(decode-raw-ga !line :> !timestamp)
(:distinct false))))
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<style type="text/css">
<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var dataset=[[10, 100], [430, 441], [103, 89], [228, 62], [393, 258], [250, 167], [290, 322], [480, 17], [94, 27], [116, 163]]
var widthOfCanvas = '500';
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(defn landings [root]
(let [ybtag (select-fields (ybtag-tap root) ["!psn" "!ts" "!pvi" "!lo" "!ln" "!g_C" "!g_r" "!g_c" "!r"])
landing-sq (<- [!psn !datestr !g_C !g_r !g_c !kw !ref !lo !pvi ?c]
(ybtag !psn !ts !pvi !lo !ln !g_C !g_r !g_c !r)
(long->datestr !ts :> !datestr)
(parse-referrer !r :> !ref)
(extract-kw !r :> !kw)
(= !ln "true")
(c/count ?c))]
(<- [!psn !datestr !g_C !g_r !g_c !kw !r !lo ?s]
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(defn do-join [root]
(let [pv (pageviews root)
lnd (landings root)
nv (new-visits root)
rv (return-visits root)
b (bounces root)]
(<- [?json]
(pv !pub !datestr !country !region !city !kw !ref !url !!pvs)
(lnd !pub !datestr !country !region !city !kw !ref !url !!lnds)
(nv !pub !datestr !country !region !city !kw !ref !url !!nvs)
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(defn bounces [root]
(let [ybtag (select-fields (ybtag-tap root) ["!psn" "!pvi" "!lo" "!g_C" "!g_r" "!g_c" "!r" "!b"])
b-sq (<- [!pub !pv-id !b]
(ybtag !pub !pv-id _ _ _ _ _ !b)
(not= !b nil))
rest-sq (<- [!pub !pv-id !country !region !city !kw !ref !url]
(ybtag !pub !pv-id !url !country !region !city !r _)
(not= !r nil)
(expand-fields !r :> !kw !ref))
bounces-sq (<- [!pub !country !region !city !kw !ref !url !pv-id ?c]