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spmason / k9
Created September 12, 2023 15:43
Kubernetes helper scripts
# A generic command that makes it easy to run k9s against a specific cluster
# - without messing around with contexts (like kubectx does), eg:
# $ k9 prod-cluster get pods
# See the `kube` script alongside this one for more info (it's exactly the same except the final command is different)
set -ue -o pipefail
spmason / dependabump
Created December 15, 2021 10:45
Create an octopus-merge of all pending dependabot PRs that are passing CI
#!/usr/bin/env bash
git co -b dependabot-$(date '+%Y-%m-%d') && \
gh pr list --label dependencies --json number,headRefName --search 'status:success' --jq '.[].headRefName | "origin/\(.)"' \
| xargs git merge && \
spmason / kube
Created December 15, 2021 10:42
Command for working with k8s contexts without needing to use kubectx or similar
set -ue -o pipefail
if ! [ -f $CLUSTER_KUBECONFIG ]; then
echo "current-context: ${CLUSTER}" > $CLUSTER_KUBECONFIG

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spmason / "git pr" alias
Last active September 22, 2023 08:41
Checkout PRs. I'm not sure where I got this from but I can't take credit for it
# Checks out a PR to a pr/<number> local branch
# Usage: git pr <number> [<upstream>]
git config --global '!git fetch -fu ${2:-upstream} refs/pull/$1/head:pr/$1 && git checkout pr/$1 && :'
# Deletes pr/<number> branches
# Usage: git pr-clean
git config --global '!git for-each-ref refs/heads/pr/* --format='"'"'%(refname)'"'"' | while read ref ; do branch=${ref#refs/heads/} ; git branch -D $branch ; done'
spmason / pr
Last active July 15, 2022 10:54
GitHub "open PR" script. Add somewhere in your path, then opening a PR is as easy as typing `pr` on the branch you want to open a PR for
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# GitHub "Open Pull Request" script
# Add somewhere in your path, then opening a PR is as easy as typing `pr` while you're
# on the branch you want to open a Pull Request for
# - Uses the `hub` tool:
# - Assumes that the upstream repository is called 'origin' and your fork is named after your github username