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Tool Sharpening List

Keeping track of very general pain points.

  • I'm not using my fish aliases enough.
  • I need to just switch back to zsh though.
  • It'd be cool to have an abbreviation for lock file resolution. It'd take an argument for the lock file name, probably would be great to have it be very smart (file existence, confirmation prompts, preview).

Make a function to do the authorized_keys dance but it takes an argument for the user.

# You probably have python3 on a linux box you have lying around
# Save this as
# Run me with python3
# It doesn't do anything bad, read it below
import socketserver
import time
class Server(socketserver.BaseRequestHandler):
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Created Jun 21, 2021
The REAPER Blog's Fresh Start: REAPER 6 Settings

The REAPER Blog's Fresh Start: REAPER 6 Settings

All these settings are opinions and preferences but captured here verbatim. Watch the video for more context.

Operating System Paths

  1. Create two directories on any drive you want for Backups and ReaPeaks. You will use these later.
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Last active Oct 20, 2021
Acquisition Change Promises

We Promise We Won't Change Anything

This whole post is probably overly negative but I keep noticing when companies make billion dollar investments/purchases and then promise not to change anything. And then we forget the PR promise as years go by. Talk is cheap, money is not cheap. What company would not want to exert influence or rake in returns? How would you even justify this to your shareholders (or boss) as a passive appendage? No, it's much more tempting to exert will and screw things up with your (maybe) larger or different culture that was not involved in the original success.

This is really, really, really not about the individual companies or data points. Rather, business mechanics.

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Last active Jun 10, 2021
Leading Questions About Immovables

I think the following questions are mostly about legacy but also fundamentals

  1. Why aren't there any spelling bees in Spanish?
  2. Why doesn't Chrome have a reading view? (this one not as much)
  3. Why does Windows have to install to C:? Why not Z:, 1:, A:, \c or /windows?
  4. Why wasn't there a Windows 9?
  5. Why is node_modules so large?

This is not the same kind of question:

View project_time.txt
"You have time you can control and time you can't,
you can't devote all of the time you can control to
new features otherwise the that time shrinks to 0."
-- reconbot
│ ┌────
│ │
│ │ ▲
squarism / aws_secret_gen.go
Last active Feb 28, 2020
AWS Secret Generator - Useful with Minio or self hosted services when you need an AWS style secret pair
View aws_secret_gen.go
package main
import (
View jhs_behringer_recommendations.txt
Equivalents and Recommendations from "What's the Deal with Behringer?"
- Chromatic Tuner TU300 (whatever)
- CL9 Compressor / Limiter
- UV300 Ultra Vibrato
- UM300 Ultra Metal (soft recommended)
- HM300 Heavy Metal (nearly the same)
- UC200 Ultra Chorus - "dead on"
- TO800 Vintage Tube Overdrive (sounds the same to me, JHS didn't say)
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Created Oct 5, 2018
Python Generator Cheatsheet
# A personal cheatsheet for the confusing (to me) python feature: generators
# Done in ipython
[n*2 for n in [1,2,3]]
# Out[8]: [2, 4, 6]
{n*2 for n in [1,2,3] if n > 1}
# Out[9]: {4, 6}
for n in (x for x in [1,2,3] if x > 1):
squarism / multiline.exs
Last active Jan 29, 2021
Multiline Anonymous Functions in Elixir
View multiline.exs
# Examples of Different Styles and Syntax
# legal / positive case / you can do these stuffs
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# single line, nothing special, fn i -> IO.puts i end)